Youth Fitness and Nutrition Consultant Dr. Mark McCullough Publishes New Blog Explaining That “You Are What You Eat”

Dr. Mark McCullough reveals the root cause of many of the medical challenges we are facing in the United States.

Battle Creek, MI – December 4, 2012 Battle Creek Chiropractor, Dr. Mark McCullough, Founder and CEO of Pure Health Solutions, LLC, recently published a blog on his website ( explaining that “we are what we eat”.  The blog, titled “You Are What You Eat, For Better… or For Worse” urges readers to educate themselves and adopt healthy habits.   

Dr. McCullough writes, “Americans are eating more processed food than ever, and we are now beginning to face the consequences. I refer to this as biochemical subluxation—which is basically a fancy way of saying that body chemistry is being altered due to our poor eating habits.”

Dr. Mark is a contributor to the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall-Street Journal Best-seller One Minute Wellness. Dr. McCullough co-founded Next Level Health, a program to help doctors start up and run successful “patient-centered” care to their respective communities. Dr. Mark is founder and CEO of Pure Health Solutions, LLC, a nutritional consultancy, McCullough Family Chiropractic, as well as Battle Creek CrossFit, LLC, a CrossFit Affiliate in Battle Creek.

Dr. Mark also served as the Team Doctor for the 2005 IBL Champion Battle Creek Knights from 2005-09 and is currently the Team Physician for Team Active Cycling and Multisport Team as well as the Priority Health Cycling and Multisport Team. Dr. Mark’s mission is in serving his patients and helping potential students of Natural Whole Body Health realize and achieve their potential as Doctors.

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