Work-Life Balance Expert Dr. Serena Reep Designated as Expert Blogger For

Dr. Serena Reep, Social Psychologist, will be featured as an expert blogger on with her blog series, “At the Cross Roads of Work and Life.”

Washington, DC – March 6, 2012 – Dr. Serena Reep, President of Transformational Communications, Inc., has been selected as an expert blogger for  Dr. Reep’s blog will be a regular series on Fast Company’s Leadership page.  The blog features timely insights into work-life balance, as it applies to business owners and their employees.

Dr. Serena Reep is an Ex-College Professor, communication and relationship management coach, corporate project management trainer, author and motivational speaker. She considers herself a social-entrepreneur and likes to promote social causes in all her ventures.

Serena Reep received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology. Her specialization is Social Structure and Personality. She also holds an active PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. She frequently speaks on best practices in communication for successful project management as well as successful interpersonal relationship management.  She spent eight years as a Professor at Rutgers University, and has been a consultant in the corporate world for almost two decades. She has been a consultant for clients ranging from private corporations such as CA, NCS and IBM to government agencies such as the Department of Education and the FDIC.

According to their website, “Fast Company sets the agenda, charting the evolution of business through a unique focus on the most creative individuals sparking change in the marketplace. By uncovering best and ‘next’ practices, the magazine and website help a new breed of leader work smarter and more effectively.  Fast Company empowers innovators to challenge convention and create the future of business.”

Dr. Serena Reep’s first blog post was titled “Employee Perks That Don’t Work.” You can read the full post at  Her forthcoming book, Work-Life Balance is DEAD, is due to be released in the Summer of 2012.

Learn more about Dr. Serena Reep at and connect with her on Facebook at .  Her twitter id is @SerenaReep.

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