Wolfpack Wealth Advisers Kyle Winkfield & Kyle O’Dell Publish Article On Why It’s More Important To Be A Teacher Than A Salesperson

Winkfield and O’Dell, expert wealth strategists and mentors, tell independent wealth advisers why they need to focus on teaching their clients valuable skills to gain more business.

Gaithersburg, MD – Jan 30, 2014 – Kyle Winkfield and Kyle O’Dell, experienced wealth strategists and business mentors, published a new article about the importance of teaching in the advising and sales business. The article titled “Don’t Just Talk, Teach” reveals the value behind giving away valuable knowledge.

Winkfield & O’Dell say, “When you get something of value, you want to give something of value in return. This is why so many stores offer “Free Gift with Purchase” promotions, and why there are so many free e-books floating around. It’s a powerful tool, and nothing is of greater value than your time and expertise. When you teach a client something of real value, they’ll want to give you their business, their loyalty, and give your phone number to all their friends.”

As leaders in TriQuest Wolfpack, Kyle Winkfield and Kyle O’Dell join an elite group of advisors and mentors in helping independent wealth advisors to create and implement productive, predictable marketing and business processes that generate a constant flow of happy, friendly clients.

The entire article can be found here.

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About Kyle O’Dell & Kyle Winkfield

Kyle O’Dell founded Secure Wealth Strategies in 2009 in response to the financial crisis. As President of Secure Wealth Strategies, O’Dell has helped hundreds of clients keep their wealth safe and growing during even the worst economic hardships. Kyle Winkfield is the Founder, President & CEO of The Winkfield Group and serves as a wealth strategist for corporate, government and non-profit employees. Winkfield consistently ranks among the Top 10 advisors with TriQuest USA. Both O’Dell and Winkfield have earned the “Master Mentor” titles with Moneytrax and the Circle of Wealth System and have made it their mission to help other advisors develop systems and networks in order to better serve their clients.

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