Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award And Best-Selling Author, Dr. John Trowbridge, Tells Readers Who May Be Suffering From Undiagnosed Conditions That They May Be A “Happy Meal” For Fungi.

Dr. John Trowbridge, Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advance Medicine, and the Recipient of The Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, writes about how systemic The Yeast Syndrome is and how it continues to go undiagnosed by the medical mainstream.

HOUSTON. TX, December 27, 2022: Dr. John Trowbridge, Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advanced Medicine and the recipient of the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, posted a new blog on his website entitled, “The Yeast Syndrome Affects Everything From The Top Of The Head Down To The Toes,” in which Dr. Trowbridge provides an overview of fungi and how it feeds itself.

“If you feel sick, tired, and miserable most of the time,” Dr. Trowbridge writes, “and you are on the medical merry-go-round from one specialist to another without results, you may be a delicious “happy meal” for systemic fungi.” He continues, “Sometimes all I do is ask people to take off their shoes and socks to be able to tell them without question that they have an overgrowth of fungi or yeast in their system. So many people have fungi in their toes and see it as an isolated condition.” Dr. Trowbridge emphasizes, “It is anything but “isolated.” It is what I call “The Yeast Syndrome” and is the name and subject of the still bestselling Bantam book I wrote back in 1986.” He adds, “It is a syndrome that is typically not at all acknowledged by mainstream medical practitioners and therefore goes undiagnosed and untreated. However, some doctors throughout the world are now aware of the damaging effects of The Yeast Syndrome and are now calling this “Invasive Fungal Disease” or IFD.”

“So, now,” Dr. Trowbridge writes, “if you simply reverse the direction and understand yeast overgrowth as a systemic problem, you may understand how “The Yeast Syndrome” may be the cause of foggy thinking and other undiagnosed and untreatable-by-the-medical-mainstream problems. Yeast is a living entity. It is in the fungi family.”

“If you are not aware of what fungi are, as most people don’t spend time thinking about this,” Dr. Trowbridge states, “let me explain.” He writes, “Fungi are neither plants nor animals, quite different from bacteria, viruses, parasites…and us! They are organisms that form their own kingdom of life. The way they feed themselves is also different from other organisms. They do not photosynthesize like plants, nor do they ingest their food like animals. Fungi feed by the absorption of nutrients from the environment around them. They accomplish this by growing through and within the substrate on which they are feeding. And, most importantly, fungi can occur as yeasts, molds, or as a combination of both forms. Simply stated, their “job” is to rcycle other living things…including us!”

According to Dr. Trowbridge, “So many conditions from heart disease to cancer, chronic fatigue to colitis, from Alzheimer’s to anxiety can often be found to be worsened by, or simply the result of an overgrowth of yeast caused by lifestyle and dietary choices that fungi thrive on. First,” he writes, “finding the root cause of the fungi is important, and treating the amazing human body in a way that allows its innate healing power to be reignited is imperative. But, “Dr. Trowbridge emphasizes, “to accomplish this, you must step off the merry-go-round. You must be willing to do things differently than you’ve been doing them. You must be willing to follow the prescribed method that will get rid of your troubles. The prescribed method is a change in diet. The yeast thrives on what you put into your mouth – food and drink that is processed, filled with sugar, chemicals and grains on which fungi live…just remember: sugars and starches! And they are everywhere in our world.”

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Intent on sharing his innovative diagnostic and treatment perspectives, Dr. Trowbridge has been honored as an invited lecturer in Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and across the States. His patients travel from far and wide, frustrated with still feeling sick and tired despite the best of conventional care and hopeful, finally, for relief. He attributes his practice success to a simple unwavering devotion: pose challenging questions and actively seek out practical answers. Dr. Trowbridge has been honored for his expertise by being featured on the June 2022 cover of Townsend Letter, the premier journal of alternative medicine, and his landmark article, “Sill Missing the Yeast Diagnosis?” appears in the June and July editions (www.townsendletter.com).

Expounding on his passion and success in discovering and developing effective treatments for desperate patients has led to Editor’s Choice awards for chapters in books co-authored with luminaries Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Larry King. The Yeast Syndrome, published by Bantam Books, continues to be a bestseller since 1986. Appointments are limited – To see if you might qualify for customized care and caring at Life Celebrating Health near Houston, Texas, DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN. You owe it to yourself, to your family, to your future.

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