Wealth Manager and Annuity Expert Steve Jurich To Be Featured Presenter at Financial Fest 2012

Steve Jurich, Retirement Coach, Founder of IQ Wealth Management, and Editor-in-Chief of MyAnnuityGuy.com™,  will be the featured presenter at the 2012 Financial Fest, joining CNBC’s Ron Insana and other financial experts.

Scottsdale, AZ – November 12, 2012 – Steve Jurich, radio host of Journey to Wealth on Money Radio and Founder of IQ Wealth Management (A Registered Investment Advisor) , is proud to have been asked to be the featured presenter at Financial Fest™ 2012.  This year’s event will be the 20th annual Financial Fest™, a Showcase of Investment Products, Services, Exhibits and Seminars which has been made free to the public. This event is an opportunity to bring everyone from beginners to experienced investors together in one place, to rub elbows with some of the Nation’s premiere advisors featuring retirement planning and investment opportunities.

This year’s Financial Fest will be held at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, November 17th and will cover topics ranging from The Fiscal Cliff and how it affects investors, Stocks, Bonds, Annuities,  Tax Strategies, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Social Security, and much more. IQ Wealth Management is this year’s Title Sponsor.

Steve Jurich’s presentation will focus on retirement income planning and contractually guaranteed income streams. He will reveal the proper use of annuities in two separate sessions.  Steve joins other financial experts giving presentations throughout the day, culminating in a keynote speech and Q&A session by CNBC Senior Analyst and best-selling author, Ron Insana.

As a retirement coach, Steve is quick to point out that “A fully integrated retirement plan must include an income plan, an investment plan, a tax plan, a healthcare plan, and an estate plan.”

He adds,  “ Retirees tend to focus mostly on investment returns, but fear and greed make most investors do the wrong thing – over and over again. The only good retirement income plan is one that works in any market (up , down, sideways) and lets you sleep at night.”  Attendees will learn IQ Wealth Management’s successful strategies for retiring into the “New Normal” of zero interest rates and volatile markets.

To learn more about Financial Fest please visit http://www.financialfest.com.  To register for this free event, please visit  http://www.financialfest.com/index.php/registration

About Steve Jurich:

Steve Jurich is the Managing Member, Chief Strategist, and founder of IQ Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor. Steve is a past Graduate of the Institute for Wealth Management’s Accredited Asset Management Program, and is President of The American Fortress Retirement Planning Association. His professional licensing includes securities (Series 65, Series 63), life insurance, and real estate. Steve’s investment experience and keen insight have been shared on more than 350 radio appearances since founding the firm in 1995. Currently, he can be heard on Money Radio in the Phoenix and Palm Springs areas.

Learn more about Steve and IQ Wealth Management at http://iqwealthmanagement.com/ and  http://www.MyAnnuityGuy.com

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