Wealth Management Expert Mitch Levin Publishes New Article Urging Readers To Make 2011 The Best Year Ever

Mitch Levin, CEO & Managing Director of Summit Wealth Management, Inc. – Florida Division, a wealth management company, discusses the current state of the US economy and places it in historical context.

Orlando, FL – February 9, 2011Mitch Levin, CEO & Managing Director of Summit Wealth Management, Inc. – Florida Division, a wealth management company, recently published an article on his website (http://www.mysummitwealth.com) about the current state of the US economy and how it compares with other eras. The article, titled “Forget Survival… Let’s Thrive,” compares the current economic climate with the Great Depression and other troubled economic eras. 

Mitch Levin writes, “In the 1930s, people lined up to sell apples to eat.  In 2010, people line up outside Apple to buy an iPad.  What a great big difference in our financial situations.”

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The entire article can be found at http://www.mysummitwealth.com/articles/forget-survival-lets-thrive.php

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About Mitch Levin:

Dr Mitch Levin assumed the role of CEO and Managing Director for Summit Wealth’s Florida offices in January of 2010. Dr. Levin brings great energy to the firm’s endeavors, founded upon client advocacy and education.

Offering solid growth, safe management, and trusted advice, Dr. Levin and Summit’s mission is to empower all clients to achieve full financial health.

Mitch is Certified in Wealth Preservation Planning and Asset Protection Planning and is an “AA” rated Florida State Representative of the Asset Protection Society. As a member of the Wealth Preservation Institute, he seeks to ensure all aspects of Summit clients’ financial lives are properly examined, optimized, monitored, and ultimately ‐ driven to success ‐ through a team of Expert Specialists.

Best selling author, trusted advisor and accomplished public speaker, Mitch’s work has appeared in more than a dozen reputable and award winning publications.

Serving as President of Ivanhoe Foundation, Inc. is just one example of the many philanthropic efforts Dr. Levin pursues. Mitch has lived in Central Florida for over 25 years. He has two sons who are embarking on their professional careers. He enjoys skiing, sailing, golf, and attending the opera with his wife.

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