Washington Based Physical Trainers And Entrepreneurs Rommel Acda and Belton Lubas Set New Standard in the Health Industry – Providing Both Hope and Relief

Kirkland, WA – November 28, 2011 – Rommel Acda and Belton Lubas have dedicated their lives to bringing health and fitness directly to people in need with groundbreaking programs that address both weight loss and medical needs.

Acda and Belton’s gym, Element 5 Fitness Training Center, which is nestled in Kirkland, Washington has become a hub for hundreds of clients in need. “We have helped every kind of client from professional athletes to recovering patients to dancers, pre and post-partum women and even grandparents come to us for help,” says Rommel Acda, one of the gym’s co-owners.

Element 5 Fitness training center also hosts a variety of certifications from teaching coaches how to effectively work with kettlebells to Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). They are also the only training facility in the United States that is licensed as an Underground Strength Coach facility under world-renowned strength coach and creator, Zach Even-Esh. Some of the other top rate certifications they offer include Z-Health Performance, which is a movement restoration system and cutting-edge exercise program that helps clients improve their health, alleviate their pain, and maximize their athletic performance. Acda is also a contributing author of the best-selling book, 3 Steps to Your Best Body, which has reached thousands of people seeking guidance on health and fitness.

Lubas and Acda’s road was not an easy one. Starting out as friends in Guam, both men while growing up watched family members struggle with debilitating illnesses and ailments such as diabetes, strokes and high blood pressure. This sparked their desire to help people take charge of their health and their life. “I grew up seeing needles every morning because my Grandparents had Diabetes. My Grandma told me that when I grew up I needed to find a way to fix her,” said Lubas.

Lubas and Acda have more than reached their goals of changing people’s lives for the better. The trainers have developed innovative programs to get people in shape in a short amount of time. “We do more than help people just get fit, we change their entire lifestyle with corrective exercise that improves their overall function and health. We learned that when you feel good about your health, you feel good about yourself,” says Acda.

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