Veteran CFP And Bestselling Author Dr. Fred Rouse Featured On

Dr. Fred Rouse was recently featured in and other major online media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, Reuters, MarketWatch and many others.

 Philadelphia, PA – September 4, 2015 – A feature story about Dr. Fred Rouse, known at the as “The REAL Money Doctor,” was recently seen on as well as the other major online publications such as Philadelphia Business Journal, MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance, among many others.

Since the mid-80s, Dr. Rouse’s diversified Financial Management Group has helped hundreds of select individuals and small businesses of up to six employees throughout the greater Philadelphia area. With nearly 30 years of tax, asset protection, business and trading experience, he shows Clients how to reduce their taxes and structure their businesses for the maximum tax savings, asset protection and privacy.

Most Financial Planners just want to sell mutual funds and life insurance. However, being a Certified Financial Planner® Dr. Rouse wanted more for his Clients and actually stopped selling financial products so he could concentrate on teaching Clients basic and advanced tax reduction strategies and exposing the money lies we’ve been told by the government, Bankers and Wall Street for years. This was simply the foundation for Dr. Rouse, whose passion for trading commodities and the great success he has achieved in that realm over the years has earned him another key designation from students of the EOD (End of Day) Scalping Trading Course that he launched in 2010: “The Quiet Trader.”

Dr. Rouse’s desire to share his vast wisdom has led him to become a bestselling author. His works include The END of YOUR EMPLOYMENT: 10 Keys to Your Ideal Business, and The Real Money Doctor’s College Student’s Money Guide. He also penned a thought provoking chapter called “The Truth” for Soul of Success, Vol. 1: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Core Strategies for Getting to the Heart of Health Wealth and Success, a volume co-authored by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul® fame.

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