Urban Design Firm Martin & Vargas DESIGN is Instrumental in Winter Park, Fla. Winning 2007 Innovations in Neighborhood Planning Award from The American Planning Association

Martin and Vargas’ 13 years of dedicated work for the city of Winter Park and innovative ideas were honored by the American Planning Association at its 2007 National Planning Conference held in Philadelphia, Pa.

“The city won this award not only because of the incredible attention to detail delivered in the rejuvenation of a blighted area but also because the city creatively addressed the social, economic and affordable housing needs of the neighborhood. This very successful redevelopment effort was comprehensive in nature,” Martin said.

Martin & Vargas DESIGN’s contributions include a new playground, a community center, rehabilitation of 200 homes, a new community land trust and affordable housing for the area.

About Martin & Vargas DESIGN:

Don Martin and Alberto Vargas co-founded the urban-land-design firm Martin & Vargas DESIGN in 2005. With a combined 24 years of experience in the industry, they are known for their unique designs and visionary ideas. For more information about Martin & Vargas DESIGN visit www.martinandvargas.com.

About the American Planning Association:

The American Planning Association (APA) is a professional organization dedicated to urban, suburban, regional and rural planning. The APA is known for its distinctive designs that meet the needs of society and people.


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