Top Wealth Management Firm Providing Free Financial Plans to Victims of Breast Cancer

Top Wealth Management Firm Providing Free Financial Plans to Victims of Breast Cancer

Summit Wealth Management offers life-changing gift to families in duress.

Orlando, Fla. – October 12, 2010 – Summit Wealth Management, Inc. – Florida offices, has recently announced they are taking action!  Too many great families and legacies are damaged in the wake of courageous battles with breast cancer.  In support of this initiative, Summit Wealth Management’s Florida offices are accepting candidate recommendations for free financial plans.  Qualified candidates must be breast cancer patients, survivors or their direct families.

Summit Wealth Management has the opportunity to provide critical advice and support to families struggling to keep their financial lives together while funding the seemingly endless treatment cycles incurred in fighting this widespread disease.

Summit’s mission is to “Empower investors to achieve Full Financial Health.”  Summit Wealth delivers: Solid Growth.  Safely Managed.  Trusted Advice.  Creating a Better Future.

Eligibility for inclusion in Summit’s Beast Cancer Financial Support Initiative is contingent upon an individual’s diagnosis record, as well as their need for financial planning – Summit can only accept a limited number of candidates.  Accepted participants will have an opportunity to personally meet with Summit’s team of Expert Specialists to discuss their financial concerns and work to develop a plan to meet the candidate’s needs and goals.

Summit Wealth Management, Inc. – Florida’s CEO & Managing Director Mitch Levin remarked, “We are quite excited to announce this initiative.  Far too many lives have been affected by this vicious disease and Summit believes those fighting it deserve an opportunity to maintain or reestablish financial security.  Having the right financial plan in place can be the difference between losing hope or full financial health.”

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