Top Carolinas Orthodontic Professional Kerry White Brown Publishes a New Article Exploring Whether or Not You Can Turn Your Teens Into Allies Instead of Aggravators

Dr. Kerry White Brown, an esteemed Orthodontist with nearly 20 years’ experience, examines how a parent can survive the teen years.

Columbia, South Carolina — November 23, 2016 — Carolina Orthodontist Kerry Brown White recently published a new article “Getting Your Teenagers to Help Keep You Sane Instead of Drive You Crazy.”

Kerry White Brown photoAs Dr. White Brown states in opening the article, sometimes, “…the ‘torrential teens’ will make the ‘terrible twos’ look like a walk in the park.

She goes on to explain that time becomes your enemy during these years, as well. Suddenly, parents find themselves busier than ever at the same time their teens need them the most since they are essentially often “growing up” together. The difference is parents are usually climbing in their career at this point, while teens are navigating their way into adulthood. This can make for an explosive combination.

Dr. White Brown states, “If you let them, the teen years can literally make you crazy. You can easily go mad with anxiety, stress, and a sense that there just isn’t enough time to fit it all in without losing your mind. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Well, not to a frenzied extent.”

From there, she goes on to give the reader three specific tips for “taming the teen whirlwind” so that it becomes manageable, and even enjoyable.

To read the full article on how to improve your time management quickly and easily, see:


Dr. Kerry White Brown has been setting the standards for delivering high quality orthodontic care since 1998. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Benedict College she attended Howard University College of Dentistry, where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and completed her orthodontic specialty training.

She is a member of the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, Southern Association of Orthodontists, South Carolina Association of Orthodontists and the North Carolina/South Carolina Damon® Study Club. Dr. White Brown is a native of Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina. She and her husband have two sons.


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