Tom Bass and Rhonda Johnson with Accountable Solutions: The Tax Team Experts for Direct Sellers and Home-Based Businesses

Costa Mesa, CA – December 7, 2011 – For most tax relief firms, spring time is go-time with little rest for weary-eyed accountants, but for Tom Bass and Rhonda Johnson of Accountable Solutions based in Costa Mesa, California, business is round-the-clock, year round.

Licensed in all 50 states directly by the Internal Revenue Service, Bass and Johnson specialize in the direct selling profession .  With numerous quotes about death and taxes gracing their website, it’s a quote from his business partner Rhonda that Bass says sums up their mission best.

“We believe in paying your fair share of taxes just not leaving a tip,” he laughs.

Bass and Johnson are not afraid to go for it and it shows from the more than 1,500 clients they work with each year. He affirms that the volume of clients they attend to is a direct reflection on the company’s impeccable organization, successful track record and ability to break down tax issues into a manageable process finding solutions that make the most of a bad situation and make the most money for a client.

“Nobody seems to know what the tax secrets are and we see clients’ tax returns and they were leaving money on the table.  It’s not that the CPAs did a bad return it’s just that they didn’t do all they could,” he says.

Accountable Solutions will do everything they can.  From organizing tax documents and receipts to coaching clients through the process personally or through the firm’s Ignite Your Business: Business in a Box kit or Making Tax a Game book, Bass and Johnson utilize their unique backgrounds and combined experience to get the most refunds for each client.

“We spend a lot of time coaching people. Unlike your kids they tend to do what we suggest they do,” he laughs.

Bass, a former furniture businessman, and Johnson, a double major in elementary education and chemistry, believe having varied backgrounds plays to their benefit.  Having worked in the tax industry, accounting, and business, Bass feels most people were good at one piece but not the others.

“That’s the thing we bring to the business,” he says. “We understand all three.”

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