TMJ Specialist Dr. Fred Abeles Fills A Powerful Unmet Need With His Amazon Bestseller ‘Break Away’

The Book’s Widespread Success and Influence Provides a Multi-Media Platform For The Founder of the Atlanta Center for TMJ To Discuss Effective Treatment Without Meds

Atlanta, GA – November 15, 2016 – One of the most sought after TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) specialists in the United States, Dr. Fred Abeles is renowned for using revolutionary technology at his Atlanta Center for TMJ to help thousands of patients from across the U.S., Canada and overseas find relief from their chronic pain.

With a dynamic arsenal of high tech diagnostic procedures – including computer generated 3-D tomography, computerized mandibular scanning, electromyography, joint vibration analysis and LLT (cold laser therapy) – he and his staff are able to accurately pinpoint the cause of headaches, migraines and TMJ pain.

Renowned for achieving dynamic, lasting results for patients whose general dentists and physicians haven’t solved the issue, Dr. Abeles institutes effective, customized, non-invasive TMJ therapy to help patients move beyond years of “kicking the can down the road” and covering symptoms with prescription drugs.

Despite his renown in this highly specialized field, the widespread success of his 2015 book Break Away: The New Method For Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ Without Medication came as an unexpected surprise. An Amazon Bestseller, the highly impactful 146 page volume has opened the doors for a myriad of multi-media appearances and opportunities to write about TMJ in national publications. Dr. Abeles has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Dr. Oz and Daytime discussing the important topics covered in the book. He has penned articles for Forbes, Women’s Health, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, in addition to many wide circulation local newspapers, including The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe and The Denver Post.

The book has also become established as an excellent reference guide for young medical professionals eager to learn Dr. Abeles’ groundbreaking approach to treatment. Every dentist entering the Advanced Training Program at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies receives a copy from the institution’s founder (and Dr. Abeles’ longtime mentor) Dr. Bill Dickerson. After completing the Advanced and Masters programs in the late 90s, Dr. Abeles became a clinical instructor there and has been the school’s Regional Director for many years.

Written in an engaging, conversational tone that allows readers to become acquainted with Dr. Abeles in a special, intimate way, Break Away answers, in easy to understand layman’s terms, the question, “What If You Could Eliminate Your Chronic Pain Once and For All…Without Medication?” In line with the treatment patients undergo at the Atlanta Center for TMJ, the book’s core goal is to help chronic pain sufferers gain freedom from headaches, migraines or TMJ once and for all – regardless of how many times they’ve failed with treatment in the past.

Dr. Abeles devotes much of the book to laying out the detailed mechanics of TMJ. Before going into detail about the array of treatments available to correct these problems, he discusses the problems of our pharma-crazy culture where TV commercials convince us that popping pain pills is the answer for everything. Doctors, he says, too often take this easy way out, helping patients manage and cover symptoms rather than seeking to cure them.

Anyone who picks up Break Away thinking they’re in for a dry read full of medical jargon is in for a surprising treat. In a very conversational tone, Dr. Abeles digresses at key moments to tell anecdotes about his personal and professional journey – complete with Tony Robbins-like exhortations about taking risks to not only improve one’s health but one’s entire life.

“A lot of people who seek treatment have been told ‘This is as good as it gets, so just learn to live with it,’” he says. Patients hit roadblocks and don’t think they can get better. This kind of ‘life sentence’ has a negative impact on one’s work, career, nd personal and professional relationships and family life. The message is to keep searching for solutions and don’t stop until you find someone who will make you well and whole again. You were not put on this earth to walk around in chronic pain. So if there’s a way to avoid that and treat, cure and diminish it, I want to cheer people on to pursue that and never give up.”


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