The Real Reason Why Kids Are Fat And Weak (and why you might be too)

Strong Kids Healthy Kids: The Revolutionary Program for Increasing Your Childs Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week
AMACOM Publishing, December 2008, $21.95.

NEW YORK, NY (December TK, 2008) — Learn why obesity has nothing at all to do with inactivity, eating too much fat or even too many calories. Learn why aerobics can make you fatter, and how too much exercise can make you look old and weary. Fredrick Hahn, owner of the Serious Strength Studios author of the bestselling fitness book The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution and the upcoming Strong Kids Healthy Kids wants to share the Secret of this growing epidemic.
Every parent wants their child to be healthy.


  1. Crash course in why slow speed is better for young muscles, with specific counts & reps
  2. Home based and gym-based routines, with tips on making exercises easier or harder
  3. An overview of the right foods for fitness, supplemented by tasty, kid-ready recipes
  4. Inspiring success stories
  5. Case studies, resources (including cookbooks and gym equipment)

If you follow the program within this new and innovative book, Fred promises your kid will be given the best chance possible to run faster, jump higher, trim down, and gain confidence in ways that no other type of program offers. Fred demonstrates how slow speed strength training beats aerobics, sport-specific training, and dieting in total benefits to a childs body and life.

About Fredrick Hahn

Fredrick Hahn is president and cofounder of The National Council for Exercise Standards, Certified by the American Council on Exercise. He is the founder and head of a renowned fitness center, Serious Strength, Inc. in New York City, and has been working with kids in his Mighty Tykes and Teens Program for the past seven years. He has been interviewed on The Today Show, CNN, WABC-TV, and featured in Allure, Family Circle, Womans World and Time Out New York.

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