The Magic of Landscapes Selects Don Martin of Urban Design Firm Martin & Vargas DESIGN to speak at Walt Disney World® Resort’s EPCOT®

The Magic of Landscapes, an organization that seeks to communicate the importance of landscaping in new developments and communities, selected Martin to talk about how landscapes fit into urban design and placemaking.

“Today, the “Magic” of landscapes is beyond the beauty they add. With the continued rapid urbanization of Florida over the next twenty years, how we preserve our open spaces and develop our parks will be critical to the livability of our communities,” Martin said.

Martin will speak at the festival Friday, May 4 at Walt Disney World® Resort’s EPCOT®. The Magic of Landscapes will demonstrate how to add value to development projects through the use of unique and feature landscaping.

About Don Martin, AICP:

Don Martin has more than 20 years of urban planning experience. He is the co-founder of Martin & Vargas DESIGN and has spent 13 years aiding in the revitalization of Winter Park, Fla. For more information about Don Martin or Martin & Vargas DESIGN visit

About Magic of Landscapes:

The Magic of Landscapes is a non-profit organization. Its mission is “To improve quality of life by stimulating investment in quality landscapes through communication, research and education directed at key decision makers in the private and public sectors.” For more information about The Magic of Landscapes 2007 at Epcot® visit

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