The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm Managing Partner, Shannon Pawley, Writes About Common Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s That Are Often Overlooked.

Estate & Asset Protection Attorney and Managing Partner, Shannon Pawley clues readers in on sensory loss which are early signs of Alzheimer’s that most people do not associate with the disease.

DECATUR, GA, November 30, 2020: Shannon Pawley, Managing Partner of The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm, has posted a new article on the law firm’s website entitled “Alzheimer’s Affects All The Senses, Not Just Memory,”  in which Ms. Pawley encourages family members and caregivers to be on the alert for sensory changes in their loved ones.

Pawley states, “One of the most often overlooked consequences of Alzheimer’s disease is how it affects the way the brain recognizes and processes the five senses.” She continues, “Most people tend to only pay attention to signs of memory loss. However the sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch are also affected and could give you even earlier clues about dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

According to Pawley, “A friend told me about one of her elderly neighbors who had lost his sense of smell and taste many years earlier than any signs of memory loss were evident. At the time,” she relates, “neither she nor his children knew that losing the sense of smell is often one of the very first senses affected by Alzheimer’s.” Pawley’s friend also told her that, “Years later, the neighbor was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after he was already exhibiting memory loss, disorientation and did not recognize his children. “

Pawley provides a list of symptoms to be aware of for caregivers and family members. She writes, “If you are caring for a loved one with dementia, or if you suspect your loved one may be experiencing any sensory loss, here are some sensory changes to look for provided by the Alzheimer’s Resource Center.”

According to the Alzheimer’s Resource Center, smell is often the first sense affected by Alzheimer’s.


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In her professional tenure, Shannon has represented the full spectrum of clients from international blue-chip companies to single parents.  While she prospered as a litigator, Shannon began to realize her natural talent was as a mentor by developing others in their practice and procedures.  That led her to focusing more on the operational aspect of the legal practice.  Prior to joining The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm, Shannon was the Vice President of Litigation Operations with a national law firm overseeing the litigation offices across the United States.

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