Texas DWI Attorneys Give Stellar Reviews For Dave Cox’s DWI Seminar

DWI Analyst and Consultant, Dave Cox, recently concluded several DWI Seminars in Texas, helping DWI attorneys increase their courtroom success.

Boise, ID – April 11, 2013 – Recently, Dave Cox from Your DUI Pro located in Boise, Idaho traveled to Texas and presented the “Winning DWI Cases” Seminar in Texarkana, Tyler, Onalaska, and Dallas to the best DWI attorneys in Texas. Attorneys were taught how to win DWI cases using NHTSA Manuals and advanced cross-examination techniques.

The Texas attorneys who attended Dave Cox’s DWI Seminar, “Winning DWI Cases” offered glowing reviews about their experience. Here are testimonials from some of Texas’ best DWI attorneys:

“I attended your course a few years ago and this same course today is a quantum leap ahead.  You have expertly shown, from an officer’s vantage, how the NHSTA Standardized Tests can actually impeach themselves and the officer actually helps.  As an exclusive DWI practitioner today, you have renewed my zeal for DWI Defense and have also given me even more jewels to use.  Thank you.”

John Eastland – Tyler, Texas


“Great seminar.  If you don’t know where to begin…begin, here, with this seminar!  Knowledge is power.  This course gives you the power to win, with or without trial.”

William Bloodworth II – Huntsville, Texas


“Excellent course.  I gained knowledge, and, in any DWI case, knowledge on the part of the defense attorney is crucial to a successful defense.  Four stars.”

Thad Davidson – Tyler, Texas


“Great seminar.  I would recommend it to any DWI attorney.”

Josh Birmingham – Dallas, Texas


“Very informative and useful seminar, even for the experienced practitioner.”

Bruce Green – Huntsville, Texas

“Excellent presentation for experienced and beginning practitioners.”

Hal Ridley – Huntsville, Texas

“It was a great seminar & very useful.”

Kelly Weeks – Huntsville, Texas

“Good program, helpful with a number of things I had not heard before.”

Sterling Newcomb – Greenville, Texas

“New attorney just launching a DWI practice, so this was a great jumping off point.”

Fred Howey – Bedford, Texas


“Great course, very informative.”

Lawrence Davis – Sherman, Texas

“This course exceeded my expectations.”

Paul Rothband – Fort Worth, Texas

Dave Cox, DUI/DWI Analyst and Consultant, has personally trained thousands of attorneys across the United States. Dave is a former police officer and, during his career, he was recognized as one of the top DWI officers in the country. As an officer, Dave was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert, the highest level of training available to DWI enforcement officers. Dave now specializes in training attorneys how to easily and effectively use the officer, the officer’s training, and the officer’s NHTSA Manuals to win DWI Cases.

In the coming weeks, Dave Cox will be presenting his DUI Seminar to attorneys in Grand Junction, Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado; St. Paul, St. Cloud, Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Lake Havasu City, Prescott, Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona. To register for these and other upcoming seminars, please visit http://www.YourDUIPro.com/seminars

To learn more about Dave Cox and Your DUI Pro, please visit http://www.YourDUIPro.com

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