Tax Resolution Attorney John P. Willis Writes About Yet Another Series Of Summertime Tax Scams About Which The IRS Recently Posted Warnings.

Tax resolution attorney John Willis, CEO, and founder of IRSALLSTAR, considers it his duty to inform and educate his clients and readers about tax scams in an effort to keep them safe and from falling victim to criminal who never seem to take a break.

Fairhope, AL, August ** 2023: Tax Attorney John Willis, CEO, and founder of, recently published an article on his website entitled “Vacations May Be Over But The Tax Scammers Never Took One,” in which Mr. Willis posts an exact replica of an email sent by scammers.

I write a lot about scams. I know. But the fact is that scammers just don’t take time off. And they always seem to step up their efforts during times when law-abiding taxpayers typically go on vacation and during holidays when attention is on other more enjoyable things. In other words, the scammers know they have better luck when taxpayers’ guard is down.

To my point, the Internal Revenue Service has posted more warnings as a virtual tsunami wave of tax scams hit via email and text messages this summer. The particular scams have been touting tax refunds and quick fixes to tax problems. The IRS notes “Many of the email scams make promises about a non-existent third round of Economic Impact Payments.” Apparently, the IRS is getting hundreds of complaints daily in its [email protected] inbox about this scam. According to one article, “The Economic Impact Payment scam is currently the highest-volume email scheme the IRS is seeing. Email messages are hitting inboxes with titles like: “Third Round of Economic Impact Payments Status Available.” The IRS routinely sees hundreds of taxpayers forwarding these messages each day; the agency has seen thousands of these emails reported since July 4. As the IRS also noted, “The emails include an embedded URL link taking unwary taxpayers to a phishing website that steals their personal information.”

Willis writes, I’m including an exact replica of one of the most popular scams the IRS has posted warnings about. Note the errors in spelling and the awkward phrasing. Take note of the emphasized “Sender” indicated below the message.”

“Dear Tax Payer, We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to inform you abount an important matter regarding your recent tax return filing. Our record indicate that we have received your tax return for the fiscal inconsistencies or missing information that require your attention and clarification. You will receive a tax refund of $976.00 , We will process this amount once you have submitted the document we need for the steps to claim your tax refund.


As Willis states, “I will continue to write about tax scams because people are still falling for them. I consider it my duty to educate readers and unsuspecting taxpayers to the dangers that typically turn law-abiding citizens into victims.”


The entire article can be read at: LINK HERE


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