Tax Resolution Attorney John P. Willis Writes About The Proliferation Of Fake Charities Due To COVID-19 And Urges Extra Caution When Giving To Charities.

Tax resolution attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of IRSALLSTAR reminds readers that extra caution is necessary when giving to charitable organizations this year because many will be bogus and tax deductions can only be taken when donating to real charities.

Fairhope, AL, October 25, 2021: Tax Attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of, recently published an article on his website entitled “The Season Of Giving Is Also The Season Of Scamming” in which Mr. Willis provides a link to the IRS qualified charitable organization list.

John P Willis“We are coming into the holiday season,” writes Willis, adding, “which many people also think of as the season of giving. But this year,” he cautions, “you have to be extra careful when selecting to whom you give if you want a tax deduction for your donation come tax time. The IRS is warning taxpayers about the number of bogus charities out there looking to defraud the general public.”

As Willis points out, “Things are so bad that The Internal Revenue Service is teaming up with international organizations and regulators this week to call attention to the dangers of charity fraud. Come to find out,” he adds, “it’s Charity Fraud Awareness Week and according to, “there is a team composed of charities, regulators, law enforcement organizations and nonprofits from around the globe with the goal of raising awareness of fraud and cybercrime affecting organizations and to create a safe space for charities and their supporters to discuss fraud and share helpful practices.”

Willis makes note of the natural disasters that lead to a greater proliferation of fraudulent charities. He states, “Any disaster that hits a particular area of the country makes that area a target for scammers.” He elaborates, “The entire world is a target due to COVID-19. Two hurricanes this year, Ida and Nicholas, made Louisiana, Texas, the entire Gulf Coast and New York state targets. And the fires out west have provided criminals with another approach that they will use on unsuspecting taxpayers throughout the entire country. So,” he states, “if you are planning to give to a charity this year, make sure it is legitimate.”


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