Tax Resolution Attorney John P. Willis Turns His Sights to Wesley Snipes and His Fight with the IRS

Tax resolution attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of wonders who is the underdog and who is the super villain in the public fight between Wesley Snipes and the IRS, suggesting that this may be a case of role reversal.

Fairhope, AL, May 9, 2016: Tax Attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of, recently published a blog on his website entitled “Snipes Fights IRS After Stint in Club Fed.” Willis indicates that Wesley Snipes is more willing to fight than pay even after spending three years as a guest in the federal prison system.

Jay Willis PD photoWillis writes, “I doubt there is a person on the planet that would opt for giving away a huge chunk of their hard-earned money to a government agency for taxes rather than keeping it themselves if they didn’t have to.” He continues adding, “Attempting to avoid paying taxes by claiming that someone led him down the primrose path of believing that income taxes are illegal is what got actor Wesley Snipes into hot water with the IRS in the first place. He avoided paying taxes from 1999 to 2001 to the tune of millions for which he ultimately spent 3 years in prison.”

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Mr. Willis believes strongly in supporting and representing the “underdog” and has devoted his entire professional life to protecting and defending those who need it most. As an attorney, Mr. Willis takes his role as “counselor” seriously. His knowledge, creativity and persistence are valuable assets that provide substantial benefits to his clients. He has represented individuals and businesses across the Gulf Coast for over 15 years and he brings together an abundance of skills and experience that can be of assistance to almost anyone.


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