Tax Resolution Attorney John P. Willis Reports IRS Tax Fraudsters Can Get Really Long Prison Sentences

Tax resolution attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of says prison time for IRS tax fraud can be longer than one might think, showing two examples of a woman who received a 21-year sentence and a man who got 27 years.

Fairhope, AL, March 23, 2016: Tax Attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of, recently posted a new blog on his website entitled “A Queen in Her Own Mind for Tax Fraud, She Only Reigns Behind Bars.”  Rarely do tax fraud criminals’ sentences make headline news. However, the question many people ask John Willis is “how long can a prison sentence be for tax fraud?”

Jay Willis PD photoWillis answers by way of an example from a Forbes business article. Willis writes, “She may be the self-appointed queen of tax fraud, but her longest reign will be in a secure facility where she will receive anything but royal treatment.” Willis continues adding, “According to a recent Forbes articles, Rashia Wilson received a 21-year sentence for tax fraud twice. So no matter how far and wide she believed her persuasive powers extended prior to getting caught she now has a new title: inmate.”

Whether just out of curiosity or contemplation is not clear, however Willis says, “I often have people asking me two questions, which this Forbes article also raised. First, how long of a prison sentence can you get for tax fraud? And, how far back can the IRS go in order to pursue someone believed to be involved in tax fraud?”

Will responds, “The answer to the first question is easy. I like the Forbes answer which states, “Longer than you might think.” The tax fraud queen got 21 years, however another Florida man received a 27-year sentence.”

The entire blog can be read at:


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