Tax Resolution Attorney John P. Willis Informs Readers About Expanded Relief Options The IRS Initiated To Help Taxpayers In This Upcoming Tax Season.

Tax resolution attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of IRSALLSTAR shares an overview of the New IRS Taxpayer Relief Initiative To Help Taxpayers as COVID-19 Continues To Challenge The Entire Country. Fairhope, AL, November 18, 2020: Tax Attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of, recently published an article on his website entitled COVID Continuation Inspires IRS To Expand Tax Resolution Options, in which Mr. Willis provides a brief overview of the new initiative. John P Willis“Earlier this year,” writes Willis adding, “in fact right before tax season, when COVID-19 caused the entire country to shut down, the IRS knew right away that many taxpayers were going to have trouble meeting their tax obligations. They enacted the People First Initiative to help taxpayers.” Willis expounds, “Among other things, the tax filing deadline was moved to July 15th. Now, nearly one year later, COVID-19 is still at play. Many people are in worse situations than they were before. Thousands of businesses have had to shut their doors permanently. Millions of taxpayers have been unemployed since the beginning of this pandemic. Many who were once furloughed and hopeful they would be able to return to their jobs, are now officially unemployed, adding to the swelling population of people living without an income.” “While providing momentary relief,” says Willis, “the one stimulus payment that was issued certainly could not sustain anyone who is unemployed, with or without a family, for long.” He continues, “Mortgages and rents cannot be paid. In far too many cases, families are finding it impossible to put food on the table.  And as of this writing, there hasn’t been another stimulus package approved to help.” As Willis points out, “In addition to the devastation caused by COVID-19, in our neck of the woods there are many who have lost their homes and belongings to the three hurricanes that decided to add to our collective trauma this year. So, I hope it comes as a bit of heartening good news to find out that the IRS is “committed to continue helping taxpayers wherever possible, including offering many options for those struggling to pay their tax bills.” Willis goes on to outline some of the ways the IRS is providing relief. He states, “The most important message the IRS has is the following: “If you have reasonable cause for failing to file, pay and deposit on time, you may qualify for penalty relief. Those reasons include natural disasters, inability to obtain records, death, serious illness, incapacitation or unavoidable absence affecting you or your immediate family. Not having enough money is generally not enough – on its own – to qualify.” He goes on to add, “However, and this is an important however, “the reasons for the lack of funds may meet reasonable cause criteria for abatement of the failure-to-pay penalty.” The entire article can be read at: ABOUT JOHN WILLIS Mr. Willis believes strongly in supporting and representing the “underdog” and has devoted his entire professional life to protecting and defending those who need it most. As an attorney, Mr. Willis takes his role as “counselor” seriously. His knowledge, creativity and persistence are valuable assets that provide substantial benefits to his clients. He has represented individuals and businesses across the Gulf Coast for over 21 years and, he brings together an abundance of skills and experience that can be of assistance to almost anyone. ABOUT THE IRSALLSTAR TEAM The IRSALLSTAR team has developed a winning formula to ensure that each client’s individual needs are specifically met. Upon becoming a client of Mr. Willis’ law firm, that client’s immediate needs are assessed, and long-term goals are defined. Experienced professionals on the IRSALLSTAR team then assist each client in developing and implementing a custom-tailored game plan to provide both short-term and long-term relief from his or her serious tax problems. All firm clients are continually coached toward successful tax resolution and final victory over their challenges with the IRS and state taxing authorities. The entire blog can be found at To learn more about Mr. Willis and his law firm please visit or call toll-free 877-254-4254.  


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