Tax Resolution Attorney, Jeffrey T. Jones Warns New IRS Measures are Not Keeping Criminals Out.

Tax resolution attorney Jeffrey T. Jones, founder of the Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Jones, and best-selling author of “Protect and Defend” knows criminals are not dilly-dallying when submitting fake tax returns and stealing money from taxpayers which is why he encourages moving to file as early as possible.

 Charleston, WV, February 10, 2016: Tax resolution specialist attorney Jeffrey T. Jones, founder of the Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Jones, and best-selling author of “Protect and Defend has posted a new blog on his website entitled “And The Race is On: Who Will Get Your Taxes Filed First?” “Will it be you or a tax identity fraudster?”, asks Jones. He continues adding, “It seems that despite the efforts of the IRS that identity theft and tax fraud is still happening at a record pace.”

Jeffrey Jones Jones turns readers attention to excerpts from an industry journal, Accounting Today, which reports that, “a New York City based computer security service, SecurityScorecard, has detected a significant spike in chatter relating to IRS tax fraud this tax season, as in past years.” The article continues adding, “The extra security measures instituted by the IRS and the tax industry are ones that many identity thieves are already accustomed to skirting.” (

Jones adds, “The SecurityScorecard spokesperson, Alex Heid, is quoted, saying, “We’re noticing again that they are focusing on defrauding the IRS and more specifically defrauding U.S. Taxpayers and the services they use to process their tax returns in order to basically fill prepaid cards and cash them out with the returns before the actual person is able to.”(

According to Jones, “Apparently the thieves set up the prepaid cards with fake identities. They use the same information from the fake identities to file a tax return before the actual person does.”

Jones advises, “So, if you’re a tax procrastinator, you may want to change your ways and scurry to get your taxes filed before someone else does in your name! The criminals love getting to your money before you do!”

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