Tax Resolution Attorney Anthony Parent Explains How A Short Staffed IRS Will Affect Taxpayers

Anthony Parent, tax resolution lawyer, publishes a new blog discussing the recent reduction in IRS collection personnel, and how it will affect taxpayers.

Wallingford, Conn. – December 26, 2011 – Anthony Parent, founder of IRS Medic, recently wrote an article explaining how recent cuts in collection personnel at the IRS is affecting taxpayers. In this article, found on his website, titled “Dealing with a short-staffed IRS”, Mr. Parent explains why the reduction in collection personnel is not necessarily a good thing for taxpayers, and the only way to use the IRS’ overburdened collection force to best advantage.

Anthony Parent explains in detail, three areas of the IRS that have been left short-handed: IRS Technical Services, IRS Field Offices and IRS appeals. On the short-staffed IRS Technical Services, Anthony writes, “This is the department you send your request for all federal tax lien work, i.e., IRS federal tax lien releases, lien subordinations, lien withdrawals and certificates of no interest. The closest office to me, in Boston, has 2/3 of the workforce and double the workload (as the IRS has vastly increased its lien filings) in the past few years.  This means that the governmental employees who are handling your request for federal tax liens are exhausted and probably not willing to go above and beyond to help you out.”

Anthony also explains what you need to know if you are dealing with the IRS.  “We have been successful in negotiations by doing the majority of the IRS’ work for them. We want the IRS to have well-documented packages that support a reasonable position that clearly point to the relevant section of the Internal Revenue Manual.  We want them to have to spend a minimal amount of time doing legwork and like that they have a well-documented package virtually handed to them. We want them to know that we are their partners in helping to close cases from their overburdened case inventory.

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Anthony Parent is the founding partner of IRS Medic, a law firm dedicated to working with those with tax problems. His is routinely quoted on tax issues in the local and national media, mostly recently in the Wall Street Journal,, Wall Street radio, Fox CT and the Hartford Business Journal. He uses his years of experience in working with clients to settle difficult tax problems with both the Internal Revenue Service and State Departments of Revenue Services. In founding the firm, he brought together a combination of his academic study in finance and a law degree.

Anthony Parent and IRS Medic have also been seen on the online homes of major publications such as Yahoo! Finance, InvestorPlace, CNBC, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Morningstar, Los Angeles Daily News, MarketWatch, CBS MoneyWatch and New York Daily News, among many others.

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More about Anthony Parent:

Anthony works primarily on cases involving difficult tax problems. His day-to-day practice includes:

• Audit representation
• Bankruptcy consultation and filings
• Tax refund claims
• Payment agreements for settling back taxes
• Amended tax returns
• Solutions for those who cannot pay their back taxes
• Settling tax debts
• Adjustments to interest and penalties

Anthony’s academic credentials include:

• J.D. – Quinnipiac University School of Law

  • Internship – Marty Zeldis, Esq. of the Connecticut Public Defenders Appellate Division
  • Awarded CATIC (Connecticut Association of Title Insurance Co.) award for Real

Estate Law academic achievement

• B.S., Finance – Southern Connecticut State University

  • Managing Editor of the Southern News
  • Legislative Intern for James A. Amann, Insurance Committee co-chair

His professional qualifications include:

• Admitted to US Tax Court
• Admitted in Vermont
• Admitted in Connecticut
• Active in:

  • US Tax Agent Alliance
  • Conn Society of CPAs
  • New Haven Bar Association
  • Connecticut Bar Association
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