Tax Expert and Advisor Barry G. Fowler Shares News Taxpayers Will Be Thankful For

Barry G. Fowler, EA, leading expert in tax resolution issues and CEO of Taxation Solutions writes about the IRS’s latest effort to curb scamming by unscrupulous tax preparers.

Houston, TX – December 5, 2016 – Barry G. Fowler, CEO of Taxation Solutions, posted a new article on his website entitled “A Little Good News Taxpayers Can Be Thankful For This Season,” in which he elaborates on a new IRS program accessible publicly to taxpayers.

Barry FowlerFowler writes, “Over the past several years, taxpayers, and I mean taxpayers from the lowest socio-economic level to the highest, have been victimized or at least contacted by scam artists posing as IRS agents.” He continues adding, “Many have had their identities stolen by other scam artists who then filed taxes in their names. Still others have had their taxes prepared by unscrupulous preparers. All in all, taxpayers have been bilked out of billions of dollars by these types of scams.”

According to Fowler, “The good news is that progress is being made.” He elaborates, “A big call center dedicated to calling and scamming U.S. taxpayers was shut down in Mumbai, India a couple of months ago. And now, the IRS has announced they are making it easier for taxpayers to look up the disciplinary records of tax preparers.”

He cites an article writing, “According to, “The Internal Revenue Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has created a new online lookup table that allows the public to find out more easily if they have hired a rogue tax practitioner.”

Fowler hopes this tool will help taxpayers avoid being scammed by their preparers. He writes, “So, now all taxpayers can look up a name and find out before they hire someone to prepare their taxes. If that person is on the list they can find another reputable tax preparer.” He states, “It may not seem like much, but if you’ve ever been scammed by a tax preparer, you’ll truly appreciate this new service. And, if you’ve ever tried to find out this type of information before, the only access was through a paid professional subscription service or public access what through a painstaking process of reviewing each of the announcements of discipline published in the Internal Revenue Bulletin on”

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About Barry G. Fowler, EA

Barry G. Fowler founded Taxation Solutions out of a genuine concern for the IRS issues his clients face, many of whom are self-employed, contract employees, or entrepreneurs. For his contributions to his profession and expertise in tax resolution and financial planning, Fowler has been featured as one of America’s Trendsetters on CBS and Yahoo, and as a Premier Expert in Inc. Magazine. He has been instrumental in helping hundreds of people resolve complex tax issues with the IRS.

Fowler is licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, and is a longstanding member of several tax industry professional organizations: NAEA, NATP, TSEA, ASTPS.

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