T.O.P. Marketing Group Announces Cruises and Trips For Three Levels of Emerging Leaders

Singer Island, FL. — After seven months of unprecedented growth that included the opening of 30+ new offices across the nation, Michael D’Adamo, Founder and C.E.O. of T.O.P. Marketing Group today announced the expansion of its Celebrate and Educate Excursions. These excursions are special incentives that highlight a corporate culture that honors personal and team accomplishments.

“We honor trendsetters who have made a difference through the quality of their leadership. That’s why, we offer Celebrate and Educate Excursions as part of our Leadership Development Program. This allows us to be Go-Givers, not just Go-Getters. It’s an opportunity to give something back to individuals who have displayed loyalty and an outstanding work ethic. When you learn more to earn more, you can help others earn more,” D’Adamo explained.

The three trips, which combine learning and shared leisure, are:


Sailing to Success

This 3 – 5 day cruise celebrates the achievements of newly promoted Team Leaders. The motivational cruise sparks the competitive spirit, while celebrating the loving family culture that continues to make T.O.P. Marketing Group bigger and better. The company’s top leaders offer a one-day intensive leadership training workshop. Plenty of down time for fun and get togethers.


Good to Great in 7 Days

This seven day journey to Singer Island, FL. embraces both business and pleasure. Participants stay in premier hotels on the beach. A specialized Senior Leadership Training begins on Monday and ends on Friday. Plenty of recreational time and shared meals. The Training Team, spearheaded by C.E.O., Michael D’Adamo provides intensive instruction on the specific skills needed to perform at peak level and launch new markets.


Experiencing T.O.P. With Mike D

This trip for newly promoted Regional Leaders is a life changing experience. A handful of individuals travel with C.E.O., Michael D’Adamo, on a mini-vacation to a surprise destination chosen by the C.E.O. In this intimacy, travelers have day-to-day, personal exposure to the secret chemistry of entrepreneurship, as embodied by Michael D’Adamo.

“My story is often described as a tale of ‘rags to riches’, so I want to share it,” D’Adamo explains. “Because in this country everybody who is willing to work hard, has a shot. My story shows that.”

About T.O.P. Marketing Group:

T.O.P. Marketing Group is a leader in out-sourced, proven, face-to-face marketing services for Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-sized business ventures seeking to expand market shares. The company is also an incubator for independent entrepreneurs who receive personal mentoring from Michael D’Adamo.

To learn more about T.O.P. visit http://www.TopMarketingInc.com

About Michael D’Adamo:

Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Direct Marketing Expert, Michael D’Adamo, has recently been acknowledged by America’s PremierExperts® as a leading expert in his field.  He has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX television affiliates. His business advice has also been featured in both online and print editions of publications such as USA Today, The Chicago Sun Times, and The Boston Globe, Morningstar, MoneyWatch, The Houston Chronicle and the Dallas Morning News.

Michael D’Adamo began in direct sales in 1996, when he was only eighteen. Just two years later, he formed his first corporation and, by twenty-two, he had earned his first million dollars. He has since personally coached more than 100 individuals to becoming owners of their own businesses.

To read a full feature story about Michael D’Adamo visit http://www.topmarketinginc.com/OurCulture/OurCEO.aspx

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