Successful Entrepreneur JW Dicks Offers FREE Business Tips

“Hey, Life has been good to me and this is my way of giving back,” said Dicks who has always been know for his mentorship to others.

Dicks continued, “The greatest thing this country still has to offer is a chance. A chance to wake up one morning and do something that makes you a lot of money or helps a lot of people. Sometimes you get lucky and do both. In this BLOG I am going to pour out some ideas that will get your juices flowing and help motivate you to go out and do something for yourself and others. If I can do that, than I will be a happy man!”

JW Dicks is currently senior partner at Dicks & Nanton, PA and he and his law partner recently opened the doors of Dicks + Nanton Agency, a coaching and consulting firm that “Celebrity Brands” business professionals in their area of expertise. For more on JW Dicks’ successful tips visit or

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