Stress Management Strategist, Carol J. Scott, MD, Featured in Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine

Carol J. Scott, MD, The Stress Relief Coach, is featured in the current August 2010 issue Oprah’s “O” Magazine discussing the benefits of stress.

Orlando, Fla. – July 23, 2010 – Carol J. Scott, MD, a stress management strategist known as The Stress Relief Coach, was recently interviewed for “O” Magazine in an article titled, “Find Your Best Stress Zone.”  The article, written by Melinda Wenner Moyer, explores how small amounts of stress can actually be healthy.

Moyer writes, “There are three things we’re guaranteed in life, says The StressRelief Coach and developer of the Best Stress Zone concept, Carol J. Scott, MD: ‘Death, taxes, and stress.’ And that can be a good thing—the stress part, that is. Because while chronic stress—the kind that never seems to let up—can set off dangerous inflammation in the body, increasing your risk for heart disease, obesity, and breast cancer, it turns out that in small doses, stress is actually healthy.

When discussing ways to reduce stress that has crossed over from “good” stress to “bad,” Dr. Scott remarked, “When you’re slammed with something really stressful—a huge work deadline, an unexpected visit from the in-laws—don’t panic. Instead, pretend you’ve been asked to advise a friend or family member in need, and think through the problem systematically.”

“When women distance themselves slightly from stressors, they make excellent problem solvers, in part because of their unique mixture of creative, intuitive, and analytical thinking skills,” continued Dr. Scott.

The entire article can be found on newsstands in the August 2010 issue and online at

Dr. Carol Scott is author of, Optimal Stress: Living in your Best Stress Zone. John Wiley & Sons. 2010.  She is the founder of The Scott Institute for Optimal Stress (SIOS.)  The Scott Institute customizes prevention strategies & interventions for Human Resource professionals and their employees.  The Scott Institute reduces costs, improves employee loyalty identification and management of individual and organizational BestStress Zones.

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About Dr. Carol J. Scott:

Carol J. Scott, MD, MSEd, FACEP, is a practicing Board Certified Emergency Physician and health educator trained at Johns Hopkins University. She is a stress management strategist and expert on the connections between stress and health. She is an award-winning speaker and One-on-One StressRelief Coach. Her medical experience and background combined with her knowledge skills and passion in the subject of stress management enables her to formulate effective, practical stressrelief solutions for teams, individuals and audiences of all sizes.

The truth is stress is inevitable! And that is not going to change. But no one can afford the cost of letting stress sabotage energy, health, joy, productivity or happiness. Dr. Scott is developer of the “BestStressZone” concept and principal of The Scott Institute for Optimal Stress. The Institute provides consulting services for various organizations & Fortune 500 companies including; Microsoft, Network of Executive Women (NEW), McDonald, UPS, Civil Service Employees Union NY (CSEA), IBM, Merrill Lynch, Discovery Communications, Catalyst, Johnson & Johnson, Smith Barney Morgan Stanley, The Atlanta Commission, U. S. Department of Forest Service, Pro metrics, The Learning Annex, Yale University, Texas Instruments, and The National Association of Convenience Store and Petroleum Owners.

Dr. Scott has been a speaker at the Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and California Conferences for Women and the Professional Business Women of California. She keynoted at the Working Mother 100 Best Companies Work Life Congress.

Dr. Scott’s radio guest appearances include: Doug Stephan’s Good Day Show, Lionel Air America, Audrey Chapman Show, Joe Bartlett Morning Show WOR 710, WGHB Boston Public Radio, Montel Williams, Progressive Blend Radio, Bev Smith Urban Radio Network and Martha Stewart Living Sirius Radio, The Jeff Santos Show Boston.

Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, SELF Magazine and FastCompany Magazine where she currently has a blog.

Dr. Scott trained in Internal Medicine at Duke University, Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins University & Masters in Education also from Johns Hopkins University. She is board certified in both emergency medicine and internal medicine. She is formerly an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine. She is a wife and mother of two sons.

Her new book, Optimal Stress: Living in Your BestStress Zone (John Wiley & Sons 2010) is available online and in bookstores.

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