Stephen Lomsdalen Creates The “Retirement Audit Program” To Help Clients Gain Confidence

Ranked In The Top 1 Percent Of All Financial Planners In The World, Scottsdale Based Stephen Lomsdalen Creates The “Retirement Audit Program” To Help Clients Gain Confidence In These Uncertain Economic Times

Phoenix, AZ – September 22, 2011 – Helping retirement minded investors create a plan for “conservative investing for a successful retirement,” Stephen Lomsdalen—President of the Scottsdale based Lomsdalen Wealth Management firm–has over the past 20 years provided hundreds of clients with solid and comprehensive planning strategies for asset accumulation, preservation and wealth transfer with a minimum taxation.

Ranked in the Top 1 percent of all Financial Planners in the world (based on sales production) through his qualification in the prestigious Million Dollar Roundtable – 2008 Top of the Table, the Washington State native takes a total wealth management approach that helps his clients achieve their financial goals by investing with an eye towards risk management; reducing their exposure to taxes; meeting their retirement income; and providing a plan to successfully transfer wealth to their children and grandchildren.

His firm specializes in world class investment management for mature investors with assets of $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more. Over the years, he has helped his clients invest more than $100 million.

Lomsdalen’s many areas of expertise include retirement planning, investment portfolio analysis, pension and 401K Rollover Planning and Account Management, Estate and Wealth Preservation Planning and Tax Planning.

In his twenty years as a financial planner, all types of investors have sought his independent advice: aggressive investors who liked to take risks, conservative investors who always put safety first, even people who paid so little attention to their investments that they had no idea how much money they even had.

They all had two things in common. First, they were concerned about having enough money to retire in comfort; and second, they worried about losing a lot of money in the stock market and potentially outliving their assets.

Believing that accomplishing these goals takes serious planning, he will soon be publishing a powerful and insightful book entitled “3 Wall Street Lies That Could Destroy Your Retirement Dreams.” In a nutshell, the myths he exposes are: 1) Buy and Hold is Always the Best Strategy; 2) Stock Market Risk Goes Down After Time; and 3) Investing in stocks with a proven track record is a guarantee of strong future results.


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