Stefan Wissenbach Is Helping Thousands of People to Build a Powerful Vision For Their Lives And Reach Their Potential Via His Groundbreaking Website ‘’

Chicago, IL – September 6, 2013 – Long before Stefan Wissenbach carved out a successful niche for himself providing strategic advice to wealthy private individuals, he was a poor but happy kid who believed in magic.

Growing up in a single parent household, the Swiss born, U.K raised entrepreneur, author and speaker was fascinated by wizards, witches, magicians and the magical worlds they live in. To him, they were creatures possessing special powers that defy natural laws and make the impossible possible.

But just as Wissenbach eventually learned that performing a magic trick is more about hard work and dedication than literal magic, he realized that people who live seemingly magical lives – those whose journeys are fun, abundant and inspiring – have dedicated years to the hard work it takes to create them.

“A master magician hones his craft with skill, technique, knowledge and practice – and pulls off what looks like the miraculous,” Wissenbach adds. “I don’t think of magic as mystery, but mastery of doing things that create an exceptional outcome.”

Before establishing himself as an entrepreneur and creating, building and selling four companies, in 1994 Wissenbach founded The Wissenbach Group, through which he has continued to help wealthy private individuals manage their affairs, set goals and reach their fullest potential. The driving force behind his triumphs with hundreds of clients over the years has been his concept of The MagicNumber® – the amount of money or accumulated wealth needed to live one’s desired lifestyle without having to work. The cornerstone of Wissenbach’s mission, The MagicNumber®  has been the key to helping clients articulate the lifestyle they want to have – and then build a plan to make it a reality.

After more than 20 years helping the wealthy clarify and attain their goals and bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement – Wissenbach set out on a mission to provide education and inspiration to a wider audience so they can live better lives and fulfill their potential.   His goal is to make a difference to over 1 million people.  In 2010, using his MagicNumber® concept as a foundation, he launched Magic Future® (, a business with a motto that epitomizes what his revolutionary system engenders for its motivated users: Take Control. Achieve More. Love Life™.

Magic Future’s easy, inspirational, fun interactive tools give users a simple, proven and practical way to gain clarity on what they want, create a specific plan to achieve it and stay on track with a great mobile app and a really neat feature that enables users to share goals and progress. With the constantly evolving Magic Toolkit and the exciting interactive support they receive from the Magic Future community, users will learn how to make those plans, reach the goals they set and, most importantly, fulfill their potential.

Essentially, Magic Future provides the tools to get clarity about what is important, achieve life goals with a proven plan, understand how to make work become optional and live a more fulfilling life whilst having  a lot of fun. There are four distinct MagicTools™ that help manifest these possibilities: MagicGoals™, MagicHabits™, MagicNumber® and MagicVision™.

Wissenbach’s vision for Magic Future is based on his fundamental beliefs: Everyone deserves the opportunity to make a better life; Success is a journey, not a destination; The ultimate goal is happiness; People who plan do better than those who don’t; Success is simple disciplines practiced daily; Living a life of gratitude enables you to achieve more, and; Magic Future is for everyone who wants to improve their lives.

MagicFuture offers new users a free trial – after which continued use of the site costs $9.97 per month or $95.67 per year.

Wissenbach also shares his philosophies in his audio program “Your Magic Formula: The Life-Planning Solution for Making Work Optional” and his book “Slaying Dragons & Moving Mountains: A Beginner’s Guide to A Happy, Fulfilled Life.”  Both focus on the key elements of Motivation, Application, Growth, Independence and Community (MAGIC!). Wissenbach teaches practical and timeless skills, techniques and knowledge that he has used personally to create his own magic, happiness and success.

When Wissenbach achieves his mission and passes the magic milestone of a million people using Magic Future, to the world it will look like magic but, as we now know, it will have been down to hard work, dedication and his passion to make it a better place.

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