Spiritual Entrepreneur Jim Butler To Executive Produce New Documentary Film

Jim Butler, spiritual entrepreneur and communications expert, is contributing to new documentary as Executive Producer.

Orlando, FL – September 12, 2012 – Jim Butler, Founder of TeleCHOICE and known as a “spiritual entrepreneur”, will serve as an Executive Producer on the upcoming documentary film, “Esperanza”, from CelebrityFilms™.  Production having launched three weeks ago in the Dominican Republic, the film will showcase Esperanza International – an organization that dedicates itself to free children and their families from poverty through initiatives that generate income, education and health, restoring self-worth and dignity to those who have lost hope. Emmy Award winning Director, Nick Nanton, will direct the film.

Jim Butler will join The Emmy Award winning team at CelebrityFilms™ to help bring this film to full production. The documentary will reveal an in-depth look at Esperanza International’s incredible story and what can happen when people believe in an idea and act to make it come true.

Dave Valle, former Major League Baseball catcher, along with his wife Vicky founded the organization in 1995.  Learn more here: http://esperanza.org/home/about-us/founders-story.html. Their mission statement can be found here: http://esperanza.org/home/about-us/mission-statement.html

In 1996, Jim started Telechoice, a telecom agency emphasizing solutions-based data and communication services to clients across the country, from a prestigious, top tier vender portfolio. With its strong market leadership position, TeleCHOICE then became one of the founding members of the telecom industry’s Agent Alliance, an organization made up of the highest producing and most successful consulting agencies formed to advocate for best industry practices.

Along the way, Jim has helped launch numerous vibrant church start-ups, including the Rock of Roseville located in Roseville, CA and Mosaic Christian Church in Rocklin, CA. Both of these churches have enjoyed profound growth and influence in their communities. He has served on leadership boards for these and other churches, and is valued for his pragmatic strategic counsel and resource development.

To learn more about Jim Butler and TeleCHOICE, watch this informative video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijHAfM_J_rE&feature=youtu.be and visit http://www.telechoice.net/.

More about Jim Butler:

In October 2006, Jim relocated from Newcastle, CA to Orlando, FL to affiliate with Discovery Church – recognized as one of the top 50 churches in the U.S.

While there, he worked as Discovery’s Work Life Pastor, founding and leading several initiatives to help Christians navigate their faith in the marketplace. Chief among those was Entrepreneur’s Roundtable, a community of Christian entrepreneurs who shared the mission of growing their businesses through dynamic Christian principles aimed at improving productivity, profitability and purpose. Other pioneering programs included Discovery at Work, Change Microfund and Life Lessons Over Lunch, all of which help affirm and equip Christian workers to have an impactful, fulfilling life in the workplace.

Recently, Jim has become active at Mosaic Community Church in Oakland, FL, where he works as a Strategic Contributor. In January, 2011 Jim plans to replicate the launch of the Entrepreneur’s Roundtable in partnership with Mosaic, making it open and available to all area business leaders.

Jim has been married to his high school sweetheart Susan for over 34 adventurous years, and they are the proud parents of two sons: Brandon, age 31 and Clayton, age 28. Both of these young men follow in Dad’s considerable footsteps, as they too are making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Brandon is in training with an international ministry and is preparing to spend time overseas working toward his program’s goals, and recently made Jim and Sue first-time grandparents to baby India. Clay is part a leadership team for Aim 4 Asia and International Justice Mission headquartered in Cambodia, which focuses on ending the abuse of underage girls sold into sexual slavery.

Jim’s personal and professional mission is to help Christians experience the joys of partnering with God’s presence and principles in the workplace; to enjoy the type of creative and fulfilling life made possible when connecting with God’s will and power. The thousands of peak performers he has positively influenced across the country are a testament to his own successful living.

With such God-given entrepreneurial talents, it is no wonder Jim Butler has that rare ability to see opportunity – and seize it, too.

About CelebrityFilms™:

CelebrityFilms™ is led by Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton and Emmy® Nominated Producer, JW Dicks. Dicks and Nanton produce multiple syndicated television shows including The Brian Tracy Show, Meet the Experts, The Michael E. Gerber Show, World Fitness Elite, Consumer’s Advocate, The New American Dream and Health & Wellness Today.  Their productions have been nominated for 2 Emmy’s and they have been awarded 11 Telly Awards for excellence in television and film production.  Combined, they have produced and directed more than 300 television episodes and dozens of films.

Dicks & Nanton have been seen in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, Entrepreneur® Magazine, FastCompany.com and have appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX television affiliates around the country, as well.

Learn more at http://www.CelebrityFilms.com

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