Speaker and Health Club Insurance Expert Ken Reinig Warns Employee Lawsuits Rising

Ken Reinig, speaker and health club insurance expert talks about the rising number of employee lawsuits and the importance of having the proper employee manual, management procedures and insurance policy in place.

Lakewood, Co: August 29, 2016– Ken Reinig, well-known risk management specialist, posted a new article on his website entitled “Owners, Protect Yourself: Employee Lawsuits at Fitness Clubs are on the Rise.” As Mr. Reinig makes clear, “The health club business is tough enough without the added distraction of dealing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and your ex-employee’s attorney.”   

Ken ReinigReinig writes, “We live in a litigious society. No one is immune and some businesses are more frequent targets for lawsuits than others. Gyms and fitness clubs top the list.”

According to Reinig, “Club owners are accustomed to being the targets of unhappy members who may slip and fall on a wet floor or a treadmill through lack of proper training or distraction.” He continues adding, “We take care to make sure we have liability insurance in place to protect us from those members who sue. However, when it comes to being sued by an employee, many club owners think that just won’t happen to them.” Reinig advises, “It’s time to think again because lawsuits filed by fitness club employees against their employers are on the rise.”

Reinig advises, “As a health club or fitness center owner, you need to take this issue very seriously. A first important step is to either develop or purchase an employee manual created specifically for the health club industry.  The manual should outline what is expected of your employees and address anti-discrimination and anti-sexual harassment policies.” He continues adding, “Once you have an employee manual, make certain that all employees have access to it and be prepared to follow your rules and employment related procedures to the letter.”

The entire article can be read at http://theinsuranceguy.com/owners-protect-yourself-employee-lawsuits-at-fitness-clubs-are-on-the-rise/

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About Ken Reinig:

The fitness industry’s leading risk management specialist, Ken is the past president and founder of Association Insurance Group and has been insuring health clubs, instructors, and personal trainers for over 20 years.

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