Speaker and Health Club Insurance Expert, Ken Reinig, Reviews History of Cyber Liability Coverage

Ken Reinig, speaker and health club insurance expert, reveals data breach statistics and reviews aspects of cyber liability insurance company to help health club owners become aware of the risks they are exposed to without this coverage.

Lakewood, Co: February 1, 2016– Ken Reinig, well-known risk management specialist, posted a new article on his website entitled “If You Think You Don’t Need Cyber Liability, Think Again” in which Mr. Reinig presents the facts about data breaches today and the history of cyber coverage.

Ken ReinigReinig affirms, “In this digital day and age of infinite storage in the cloud and most of the world conducting business via computer and the Internet, any business that thinks they don’t need cyber liability coverage needs to be aware of the cold hard facts.” He continues adding, “Consider the following: In 2014, according to the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), there were 342 data breaches exposing 9,015,970 personal records.  Target, eBay, Home Depot and American Express are just a few of the major corporations who were hacked. In 2015, one of the biggest data breaches occurred at the IRS.”

“How do you think your club would fare,” asks Reinig, “if a cyber thief hacked into your members’ records?” He elaborates, “It is not just the major corporations that are being hacked. Small businesses in every industry are constantly experiencing these breaches. Any company that stores consumer information and relies on technology is vulnerable.”

The entire article can be read at http://theinsuranceguy.com/if-you-think-you-dont-need-cyber-liability-think-again/

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 About Ken Reinig:

The fitness industry’s leading risk management specialist, Ken is the past president and founder of Association Insurance Group and has been insuring health clubs, instructors, and personal trainers for over 20 years.

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