Speaker and Health Club Insurance Expert, Ken Reinig, Presents the Importance of Video Surveillance

Ken Reinig, speaker and health club insurance expert, emphasizes that the truth is the best way of settling liability claims brought against health clubs and that seeing what happened is the best way of knowing the truth.

Lakewood, Co: March 25, 2016– Ken Reinig, well-known risk management specialist, posted a new article on his website entitled “To See or Not To See, That is the Health Club Question,” in which Mr. Reinig discusses the necessity of having video surveillance in health clubs.

Ken ReinigAccording to Reinig, “Video surveillance has become the standard rather than the exception in the health club industry, especially digital video surveillance.” He continues adding, “Yet there are still some club owners who for whatever reason are still resistant even though it seems like a no-brainer decision. Being able to see what goes on inside your club especially in your absence can be a real benefit.”

As Reinig points out, “There is nothing like the truth when it comes to settling premises liability claims.  Sometimes, the camera will capture a legitimate slip and fall incident.  In those cases, the claims adjuster can quickly assess the degree of negligence that the business owner may have and settle the claim promptly with the injured person.” He adds, “The camera will tell the truth both good and bad.  The good news is that once the truth is clear, litigation expense is drastically reduced.”

The entire article can be read at http://theinsuranceguy.com/to-see-or-not-to-see-that-is-the-health-club-question/

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About Ken Reinig:

The fitness industry’s leading risk management specialist, Ken is the past president and founder of Association Insurance Group and has been insuring health clubs, instructors, and personal trainers for over 20 years.

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