Speaker and Health Club Insurance Expert Ken Reinig Advises Clubs How to Improve Their Strength

Ken Reinig, speaker and health club insurance expert, exposes a weakness that many clubs have, that of no cyber liability insurance coverage, which they may clueless to the dangers this weakness could expose them to and the irreparable damage it could have on their businesses.

Lakewood, Co: January 21, 2016– Ken Reinig, well-known risk management specialist, posted a new blog on his website entitled “Join The Club and Protect Your Club with Cyber Liability Coverage” in which he elaborates on the weaknesses of clubs that don’t carry cyber liability coverage.

Ken ReinigReinig writes, “Today, any health club that does business without cyber liability insurance coverage is has an invisible weakness. If that weakness becomes exposed as the result of a security breach it could be devastating.” He continues adding, “We live in a digital world where crimes are committed in cyber-space.  Cyber Liability coverage protects your club from breaches in security of private client information and inadvertent HIPAA violations.  Cyber Liability coverage also extends to the personal information of your employees.”

Providing several examples of the kind of breaches that cyber liability covers clearly indicates there are new and clever ways thieves can inflict damage and how it can be traced back to a specific business. According to Reinig, “Your club’s fiscal existence can be compromised by just one cyber liability claim. However, the cost to obtain cyber liability coverage is relatively inexpensive.“

The entire blog can be read at http://theinsuranceguy.com/join-the-club-and-protect-your-club-with-cyber-liability-coverage/

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 About Ken Reinig:

The fitness industry’s leading risk management specialist, Ken is the past president and founder of Association Insurance Group and has been insuring health clubs, instructors, and personal trainers for over 20 years.

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