Social Entrepreneur and Community Health Advocate, Anolia Orfrecio Facun, Signs Publishing Deal To Release “Game Changers” with CelebrityPress

Anolia O. Facun, knows as “Ms. Total Wellness,” has recently signed a publishing deal with CelebrityPress, along with other leading entrepreneurs from across the nation, to release the business and marketing book, “Game Changers: America’s Leading Entrepreneurs and How They’re Changing The Game, and You Can Too!”

Orlando, Fla. – October 12, 2010 – Anolia Orfrecio Facun, the best selling author of “Yes! The Secrets Work,” and founder of the “Total Wellness = Abundance” project, will be joining a select group of America’s leading entrepreneurs and businesspeople to collaborate and co-write the forthcoming business and marketing book titled, “Game Changers: America’s Leading Entrepreneurs and How They’re Changing The Game, and You Can Too!”

Anolia Facun is an active Community Health Advocate, Public Educator, Bestselling Author, Social Entrepreneur, Life and Business Consultant, former Registered Nurse (BSN) and avid traveler. She has been referred to as the “Make a Difference Lady” for her dynamic contributions in the business field, or in non-profit functions at schools, churches, homeless shelters, etc. – wherever she may be involved. Though she shies away from attention – wanting to maintain a simple private life, she’s sought after internationally to share her knowledge and experiences in both business and not-for-profit services.

The forthcoming book, “Game Changers: America’s Leading Entrepreneurs and How They’re Changing The Game, and You Can Too!” will feature anecdotes, business strategies and real-life solutions to many of the challenges faced by small and large businesses across the country, in a rapidly changing economy.

Next up for Anolia will be an interview with internationally renowned and respected marketing expert Brian Tracy in Orlando, Fla. as a part of his upcoming business and marketing TV show, “The Brian Tracy Show.” Additionally, a talk on the possibility of a film production based on her life experiences and vision is currently open.

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About Anolia:

Anolia Orfrecio Facun is a lady with a mission: To share and show people, regardless of circumstances, how abundance can actually be achieved by simply understanding and applying the “Total Wellness” principles. For over thirty years, Anolia dealt with and witnessed thousands of people from all walks of life go through life’s complexities in search of happiness, health and prosperity; and drew conclusions based on science, logic and simple common sense. These basic human principles are nothing new, and still apply: People need wellness in all areas of their lives to experience completeness or total well-being and its naturally occurring abundant result.

Anolia previously held three licenses: a Registered Nurse’s license with Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BSN); an insurance license dealing with insurance and other financial services; and a Real Estate license. She founded recently what has now become the “Total Wellness = Abundance” movement with the purpose of reaching out to individuals, businesses, and communities to go back to basic human principles in dealing with, or managing, their daily personal, career, business or social lives for more meaningful and long-term solutions. It works!

She was born in the Philippines, the eldest of six children. She came to America at a tender age of twenty two as a nurse, with a suitcase and a few dollars in hand. She knew nobody nor had an address to go home to when she arrived, although asked to report to work the following day of arrival. Her experience as a young recruited nurse in this new land of America was a story by itself. She managed to cope, survive and even thrive through all the learning experiences she’d been through. Thinking of how these experiences and valuable lessons learned over thirty years will all just go to waste if not been passed on, she decided to put them in writing through her two books: Today’s S.O.S. (Secrets of Survival), and Yes! The Secrets Work! – Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Purpose in Life. In both books, she reveals her personal life stories and the health and total wellness teaching she’d been sharing over the years – through parents’ classes at schools, workshops and seminars at churches, businesses and others. She also appears as a guest speaker at various functions. Anolia has received numerous awards and recognitions from her business and community involvements. In all these, she acknowledges God to be her ultimate source for everything.

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