Smart Rx Systems Inc integrates Mobile Payment Systems on SmartPharmassist™ Kiosks.

Orlando, FL – August 28, 2012 – Smart Rx Systems Inc has integrated the industry leading mobile payment system to its revolutionizing Smart PharmAssist Kiosk™ Pushpay system is the innovative, secure, new solution for mobile payments. It’s designed to simplify everyday payments for anyone with a smart phone.

Smart Rx Systems Inc announced the integration of Pushpay system to the Smart PharmAssist Kiosk™ will help customers pay for their medications safely and securely the Web-based platform designed to process payments via smart phones is an alternative source of payments in addition to the typical credit cards and cash methods available on the Smart PharmAssist Kiosk™.

“The integration of the Pushpay solution is a powerful complement to the Smart PharmAssist Kiosk™,” Smart Rx Systems president Sandeep Mathow said. “Smart Rx Systems is continuously seeks opportunities to improve workflow and efficiencies for our customers. We are pleased to bring leading technologies to positively impact our pharmacy kiosks.”

About Smart Rx Systems, Inc:

Smart RX Systems is the developer, manufacturer and operator of the Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk line of remote healthcare technologies and services. The Smart RX Systems Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk is a remote pharmacy dispensing technology that allows people to have access to multi-lingual pharmacy services 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Smart PharmAssist™ Kiosk uses remote, scanning and biometric technologies to provide patients with a remote, face-to-face consultation with a pharmacist and to have their prescriptions filled quickly and safely.

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