Small Business Legal Expert Scott Carlyon Publishes New Article Discussing The Treatment Of E-Mail Belonging To A Deceased Individual

Scott Carlyon, Founder of the Law Office of R. Scott Carlyon, P.C., discusses the treatment of the e-mail account of a person who has passed away.

San Antonio, TX – April 28, 2011- Scott Carlyon, Founder of the Law Office of R. Scott Carlyon, P.C., recently published an article on his website ( discussing instances in which members of a decedent’s family wish to gain access to the decedent’s email . The article, titled “What Happens to Your E-Mail After You Die?” suggests immediate steps to take which will help to avoid legal complications.

Scott Carlyon writes, “It will be some time before legislatures and courts catch up with the reality that millions of people use their e-mail accounts as repositories for all sorts of information having sentimental, historical, or economic value.  In the meantime, there is some practical advice for facilitating access to e-mail information ‘left behind.’”

Scott Carlyon specializes in providing legal help for small and mid-sized businesses. His combination of legal knowledge and business experience gives him unique insight into the workings of business law.

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