Small Business Legal Expert Scott Carlyon Publishes New Article Discussing The Hazards of Fake Checks

Scott Carlyon, Founder of the Law Office of R. Scott Carlyon, P.C., writes about legal concerns for small and medium-sized businesses.

San Antonio, TX – February 15, 2011- Scott Carlyon, Founder of the Law Office of R. Scott Carlyon, P.C., recently published an article on his website ( about the hazards of fake checks. The article, titled “Beware of Fake Checks” provides information and tips to help business owners avoid fake check scams.

Scott Carlyon writes, “If these scenarios activate your fraud antennae, it’s for good reason.  Each is a typical example of circumstances in which people are victimized by fake checks.”

Scott Carlyon specializes in providing legal help for small and mid-sized businesses. His combination of legal knowledge and business experience gives him unique insight into the workings of business law.

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