Small Business Legal Expert Scott Carlyon Publishes New Article Discussing Options For Maximizing The Benefits Of A Life Insurance Policy

Scott Carlyon, Founder of the Law Office of R. Scott Carlyon, P.C., discusses tax treatment of life insurance policies.

San Antonio, TX – March 14, 2011 – Scott Carlyon, Founder of the Law Office of R. Scott Carlyon, P.C., recently published an article on his website ( reviewing tax treatment of life insurance and recommending consideration of an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) as an option to receive maximum value. The article, titled “Why Share Your Life Insurance With Uncle Sam” explains the various tax regulations pertaining to life insurance and discusses ways in which excess taxation can be avoided.

Scott Carlyon writes, “If you own life insurance, you probably bought it to protect your family if something happens to you.  But did you know that half of your life insurance proceeds could end up going to the U.S. Treasury rather than to your heirs?”

Scott Carlyon specializes in providing legal help for small and mid-sized businesses. His combination of legal knowledge and business experience gives him unique insight into the workings of business law.

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