Sindy Mils, Author of The Smokers Diet, Discusses Nutritional Benefits Of Chocolate

Sindy Mils, author of The Smokers Diet, publishes new blog discussing the nutritional properties of chocolate.

Nova Scotia, Canada. – May 6, 2011Sindy Mils, self-help expert and author of The Smokers Diet, recently published a blog on her website ( about the healing properties of chocolate. The article, titled “Chocolate – Fruit of the Gods,” discusses powerful healing and nutritional benefits of chocolate’s powerful flavenols.

Sindy Mils writes, “Aside from chocolate’s euphorically delicious flavor, it packs a serious nutritional punch. Cocoa is absolutely full of flavanol phytochemicals that help prevent a variety of diseases.”

The Smokers Diet provides a natural and comfortable approach to quit smoking. Clients learn to align their body and mind while detoxifying.

The entire article can be found at–-fruit-of-the-gods.php

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About Sindy Mils:

Sindy Mils offers insight into addiction behavior in contemporary society through her two books, The Smoker’s Diet, a self-help guide to quit smoking and Purple Mike, addiction fiction for at-risk youth. She holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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