Sindy Mils, Author of The Smokers Diet, Asks “How Toxic Are You?”

Sindy Mils, author of The Smokers Diet, discusses  the chemicals and toxins that out bodies encounter every day.

Nova Scotia, Canada. – June 8, 2011Sindy Mils, self-help expert and author of The Smokers Diet, recently published an article on her website ( about the toxicity of every day items in our lives. The article, titled “How Toxic Are You?” discusses these chemicals and toxins and how we can regularly cleanse our bodies to reduce any accumulated damage.

Sindy Mils writes, “Every day, our bodies work hard to filter through a perpetual barrage of toxins. From the water we drink, the foods we eat and the air we breathe to the soaps, shampoos, and cleaners we use. We are taking in additives, organic and inorganic chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. It’s not just a matter of what we put into our bodies, but what is absorbed transdermally through our skin. No matter how hard we try to eat and drink what we consider healthy foods, our bodies are still under constant fire. The good news is, occasional cleanses can greatly reduce the accumulated damage.”

“No matter the specific approach you choose, an occasional cleanse is necessary to maintain optimal health and reduces your chances for developing cancer. The cleanse  offered through ‘The Smoker’s Diet’ is valuable whether you are a smoker or not,” concludes Mils.

The Smokers Diet provides a natural and comfortable approach to quit smoking. Clients learn to align their body and mind while detoxifying.

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