Shomail Malik Didn’t Become a Doctor – But His Strategic Realty Solutions Helps Properties Needing Rehab

The Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur Has Assembled A Powerhouse Real Estate Solutions Team To Teach Seminars About Buying, Selling and Flipping Properties in a Down Economy

Somerset, NJ – June 5, 2014 – In the biography Shomail Malik includes on the website for his ever-evolving and expanding company, Strategic Realty Solutions, the multi-faceted entrepreneur starts by taking a lighthearted look about the expectations for men in his Pakistani culture. Like most, as his bio points out, he “was conceived to be a doctor. Where he comes from, you’re either a doctor or an engineer – or you don’t exist and no girl will ever marry you when you get older.”

He fulfilled part of that “obligation,” majoring in pre-med at Rutgers before ultimately receiving his degree in economics and cell biology. His success working in multi-level marketing to make extra money during those years, however, opened his eyes to a whole new world and helped him discover his innate talent for sales. From his college dorm room, he also launched his own distributorship for an Internet service provider and became one of the top distributors in the country. Malik later earned his real estate license, but opted post college to do pharmaceutical sales.

Way too entrepreneurial to pursue his MD, Malik still found a way to rehab and restore things as founder of Strategic Realty Solutions, an independent real estate solutions and residential re-development company that helps homeowners avoid foreclosure and provide top-notch returns for its investors.

Unaffiliated with any real estate agency, the firm at first was an individual proprietorship for Malik to “flip” distressed houses or houses in foreclosure for a profit. It has since grown to include an expansive restoration element and has become a premier attraction for local investors. Incredibly, Malik launched the company while he was still working his lucrative “day job” as an Institutional Sales Specialist for Reliant Pharmaceuticals, around the time of the onset of economic meltdown in 2008.

Having grown his successful business over the past five years while climbing the corporate ladder at a multitude of small firms and large corporations, Malik enjoyed the opportunity to share his insight about the differences between the mindset of the employee vs. that of the entrepreneur as a co-author (with business development expert and motivational speaker Brian Tracy) of the 2013 best-selling book “Against The Grain.”

In 2012, Malik upped his game and began adding staff and contractors and implementing systems and business processes to streamline his workflow and increase his volume of transactions. While he had started the business with family money and internal capital, he began tapping into this circle of influence and doing lunch and dinner presentations to secure interest from local investors.

As the real estate market improved, instead of just flipping short sales, he started buying houses and rehabilitating them to sell them at a high profit. He got the idea from a speaker at a conference who talked about the difference between being content as a mom and pop investment company and creating one that could diversify and do serious volume instead of five to ten deals a year.

Along with his success with Strategic Realty Solutions have come exciting opportunities for Malik to teach what he has successfully done in real estate investing to new and emerging investors. This gave birth to the Real Estate Solutions Team, a new premier teaching company that instructs and provides support to new and budding real estate investors all over the country.

Branding themselves “Your No Nonsense, No Fluff Roadmap to Financial Freedom,” the Real Estate Solutions Team did a pre-launch in December 2013 and held their first free to the public workshop in January 2014. Classes filled up quickly in their premier Pinnacle Partner program, with the team helping 12 new business owners reach massive levels of success with their intensive hands-on curriculum. Their next scheduled event for those interested in learning more about the program is in June 2014.

Another powerful element that draws people to Malik and Strategic Realty Solutions is its value system and desire to impact the lives of people in a positive way beyond dollars and profits. They currently sponsor orphans in Somalia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and it is their goal to support 100 plus orphans all around the world.

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