Serial Online Entrepreneur Anelia Sutton Helps Investors Mine Passive Income Gold Via ORE (Online Real Estate)

Since Starting Her Blog in 2008, the “Ex-Cubicle Girl” and U.S. Navy Veteran Has Amassed 100 Websites – And Now Builds, Maintains and Grows Sites for Others

Silver Spring, MD – August 17, 2015 Anelia Sutton brings a fascinating resume and passion as a serial entrepreneur to the growing phenomenon of her online business development company Tiny Little Empires and its offshoot ORE (Online Real Estate), dedicated to creating blog-style websites that generate monthly passive income. Gaining a foothold in the ever-expanding content revolution, Sutton is helping clients across the world discover the bold new, Buffet-like asset class where no traditional investor has gone before.

A native of Panama City, Panama, the Maryland based innovator founded her company in 2011 with a mission to invest in small business start ups in order to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to, like her, become “Ex-Cubicle” workers. She is the daughter of a Mestizo-Panamanian mother and Afro-Panamanian father. With over 11 years of service, Anelia is a veteran of the U.S. Navy (and a current Navy Reservist) who was activated for her skills in Information Technology during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

An MBA with a specialization in Human Resources Management from Northcentral University, her business management career has included the development of private and government organizations. She’s also the author of three books and is a member of the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE).

But for all of those personal and career accolades, when Anelia Sutton started her first online blog in 2008, admittedly “as a creative outlet to get rid of excess thoughts,” the last thing on her mind was trumpeting them – though she was happy to mention the general fact that she was a serial entrepreneur.

At the time she started the blog, she penned some random things that turned out to be prescient, considering the success she would soon achieve as a multiple website owner and creator of a thriving new business where she would help others achieve their dreams in this world.

Before Anelia was in a position to help others create their “Tiny Little Empires,” she achieved great success building her own. Her journey started almost by accident when she started to make product recommendations on her blog. Readers asked how to get them, and soon Anelia was generating advertising and sales.

Eventually things snowballed and she began generating more income and, as her popularity grew, big name advertisers. The key to growing her “empire” to over 100 sites was extensive research about popular trends and finding focal topics that would transcend short-term possibilities. Anelia quickly realized that the most profitable kinds of sites were in the health and wellness niche.

A visit to allows curious potential investors to check out Anelia’s short (33-page) powerhouse book introducing the concept of ORE She starts by explaining that once she discovered the potential of Online Real Estate, she developed a blueprint to successfully profit from them.

As detailed in the ORE book, the anatomy of successful online assets is: Step 1: Build a Website; Step 2: Monetize Your Website, via marketing affiliate products and eventually adding your own; and Step 3: Drive Traffic to your website.

The ORE book is also designed as an introductory brochure of the services Anelia provides for her business development clients. They hire her to be the builder and designer of their sites, and their investment includes her maintaining the site for 12 months.

Tiny Little Empires presents two world-class services: 1) ORE Empire License, i.e. an electronic copy of their operations manual for the creation of unlimited online real estate. This is a complete under the hood blueprint of how to build a successful site that will generate $40,000 – $1,000,000/month; and 2) ORE Empire Service, allowing Anelia and her team of experts to design, build and manage a modern blog style website –a completely passive income stream for the investor. There is a limit of three websites per client. She is currently working with investors from all over the world, including the U.S., Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland and even three countries in Africa.

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