“SEO Steve” Wiideman Featured On CNBC.com

Steve Wiideman was recently featured on CNBC.com and other major online media outlets, including Morningstar, Reuters, MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance and many others.


La Mirada, CA January 8, 2016 – A feature story about Steve Wiideman was recently seen on CNBC.com as well as the other major online publications such as Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Reuters, boston.com, and many others.

Steve Wiideman is a big believer in a famous quote by Jim Rohn, the influential entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle Jim Rohn: “You don’t have to do extraordinary things to get what you want, you only have to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

The Los Angeles, California based strategic planning specialist – founder of Wiideman Consulting Group – embodied this credo long before he became renowned as “SEO Steve” for the extraordinary breakthroughs he helped achieve for Fortune 500 companies and local small startups alike.

Dedicated to developing creative strategies that garner organic links and mentions (signals used by search engines to rank web pages) to web properties in addition to strategizing website migrations, upgrades and social media initiatives, Wiideman is a frequent panelist at online marketing events and is popular with many California based meet-up groups and networking events. He also conducts online video and in-person presentations at various conferences and tradeshows on such topics as the history of SEO, link building, local ranking factors, SEO standards and responding to search engine updates.

Wiideman breaks down his role as search engine optimizer into three parts: 1) To provide the most useful content for any user performing a particular search, analyzing intent to buy vs. general information gathering; 2) having the most visibility for a client’s content, via hyperlinks, mentions, and reoccurring searches 3) analyzing long term user behavior signals, (i.e. searchers click and stay on a result listing.

Learn more at http://www.wiideman.com/about-us/steve-wiideman-biography

Read the article in full at http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/05/pr-newswire-seo-steve-wiideman-weans-businesses-away-from-old-school-agencies-with-a-revolutionary-self-empowering-seo-roadmap.html



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