Sales Expert for the Senior Housing and Health Care Industry Traci Bild Offers On-Site Mystery Shop Program

Traci Bild, author and health care sales and customer service expert, is offering a new customer service training program, providing streaming video of on-site mystery “shops” to help evaluate sales performance.

Orlando, Fla. – February 24, 2009 –Traci Bild, sales and customer service expert within the senior housing industry, will soon be offering a new “mystery shopper” service, which will help evaluate sales performance by providing streaming video of the experience.  A hidden camera will capture the sales transaction, providing a “game film” type of approach to increasing ones sales skills.   As most professional athletes study videotapes of their performance, salespeople can also utilize this process to help evaluate specific skills, identify shortcomings and accentuate positive aspects of their individual sales techniques. 


With this sales and customer service training program, Traci’s team will do the shopping, evaluate performance, train and coach to improve performance and revenue.


“People don’t just buy anymore…they are tighter with their wallets.  Sales people have to adapt and learn how to sell by focusing on relationship selling: Finding needs and building value regarding their product or service.  These videos will show if they are doing just that! Where performance is measured it can be improved!” Traci said. 


Traci Bild is known by hundreds of senior housing owners, operators, administrators and marketing directors across the country that have broken company occupancy records as a result of her training systems. She is the best selling Author of 7 Steps to Successful Selling and an expert in growing sales.  Traci has also recently been named to America’s PremierExperts™ LLC, which is an organization that honors an exclusive group of celebrity experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.


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About Traci Bild:

Traci Bild is the best selling author of “7 Steps to Successful Selling” and an expert in growing sales and providing top-level customer service within the health care industry.  Her company, Dynamic Performance, helps organizations drive revenue through a systematic process designed to acquire new clients in record time.  Her goal is to help people learn to work smart, not hard, while working less, yet making more than ever before.  For more information please visit

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