Sales Expert for the Senior Housing and Health Care Industry Traci Bild Launches Executive Coaching Program

Traci Bild, health care sales and customer service expert, begins offering executive coaching to assist various types of executives deal with market stress, provide action plans and help increase revenue.


Orlando, Fla. – May 26, 2009 – Sales expert within the senior housing industry, Traci Bild, is announcing the launch of a new executive coaching program for owners, operators, CEOs and C-level executives.  These positions within the health care industry, among others, have to learn to deal with new stresses and new challenges in today’s ever-changing economy.  So, Traci has begun her brand new Executive Coaching program to help these executives find new, innovative and effective ways to deal with the stress of the current healthcare market, demands from investors, and dwindling revenue. 


“Executives in our industry are under tremendous pressure to get results.  In addition, the market has drastically changed.  The greatest thing a leader can do is set time aside each week to work ON their business versus IN it,” Traci explains.  “I work with many executives who are overwhelmed, burnt out and in dire need of personal coaching, which is why I have started to offer it,” she continued. 


Traci will offer new action plans for increasing senior living occupancy, help implement systems needed to get results and plans to get revenue flowing again.  Traci’s training and coaching programs have helped numerous executives and companies learn to set goals, cast a new vision, deal with the economy and communicate more effectively to their organizations. 


The objectives of this program include the following:

  • Strengthen leadership and execution skills that yield measurable results
  • Foster consistent right action and tap into true potential
  • Expand self awareness and access available resources to better achieve objectives
  • Encourage the taking on of stretch-goals and provide accountability to accomplish them
  • Align the values and purposes of leader and organization
  • Maximize individual performance and achievement of organizational goals

 Each coaching engagement is 6 months in duration. It consists of either two or four scheduled sessions per month along with unlimited communication as needed in between. Select your choice of various blends of face-to-face and virtual meetings. Every engagement is custom tailored to the particular needs of the client.

“A successful organization is a blaring sign of a great leader. We get what we put our focus on.  My goal is to help executives focus on what it is they want, not what they think they can get,” Traci remarked.   


To learn more about this program, visit  or email Traci directly at[email protected] Traci can also be reached at 813.390.3349.


About Traci Bild: 

Traci Bild is the best selling author of “7 Steps to Successful Selling” and an expert in growing sales and providing top-level customer service within the health care industry.  Her company, Dynamic Performance, helps organizations drive revenue through a systematic process designed to acquire new clients in record time.  Her goal is to help people learn to work smart, not hard, while working less, yet making more than ever before.  For more information please visit


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