Sales Expert for the Senior Housing and Health Care Industry Traci Bild Launches “Regional For Hire” Training Program

Traci Bild, author and health care sales and customer service expert, launches first ever “Regional for Hire” training program to the health care industry.

Orlando, Fla. – January 27, 2009 – As a sales expert within the senior housing industry, Traci Bild has found that many growing companies struggle with the decision to hire a Regional Sales Manager or continue to manage the work themselves.  So, Traci has recently launched her exclusive “Regional for Hire” training program. 

“The challenge for many of my clients is when to hire a regional, how to find one that will work as hard as they do, and that has the experience to walk in and begin driving results.  Sadly, finding the right fit is never easy,” Traci said.As a result of the challenges Traci has seen among her client base – and through working with Regionals herself, her Company, Dynamic Performance, has created a Regional for Hire Program where organizations can hire Traci’s team to come in and take over the sales piece that would normally be given to a Regional.  Traci and her team will come into the company, roll out a proven sales system that can be used company-wide. This sales system is proven to drive occupancy by 10% in the first six to eight months of implementation.  

By implementing this new program, Traci said that the corporate team could then focus on the things they need to take their company to the next level. Instead of micromanaging, they can get back to what they do best – leading.  Typically, Traci’s team will work closely with the National Sales Manager, VP of Sales or the Owners of the Company.  A strong, collaborative effort is key to success with this program.  “Were very excited about this new program.  I am certain it is going to take a huge load off of mid-size companies who don’t feel they can absorb the cost of a full time Regional Sales Manager, the benefits and the training and managing of this person. Our regional team comes on board ready to hit the ground running, no training needed. The best part is that we have to do an amazing job, as our goal is to become indispensable to the company.  However, upon rolling out all our systems, getting all the buildings fully trained, and occupancy up, we want our clients to feel that they are set to go and our job was well done; they can walk away and take over or reduce the scope of our work and use us as needed.  We are looking to partner with the right people and make a big difference strategically for our clients for the long-term.”To learn more about this program, visit or email Traci directly at[email protected] You may also call 813.390.3349.


About Traci Bild:

Traci Bild is the best selling author of “7 Steps to Successful Selling” and an expert in growing sales & providing top-level customer service within the health care industry.  Her company, Dynamic Performance, helps organizations drive revenue through a systematic process designed to acquire new clients in record time.  Her goal is to help people learn to work smart, not hard, while working less, yet making more than ever before.  For more information please visit


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