Sales Expert for the Senior Housing and Health Care Industry Traci Bild Launches “On-Demand Marketing Assistants™” Program

Traci Bild, author and health care sales and customer service expert, launches “On-Demand Marketing Assistants™” program for the health care industry.

Orlando, Fla. – May 1, 2009 – As a sales expert within the senior housing industry, Traci Bild has found that, in the current economic climate, many growing companies are needing to cut back staff and are finding it difficult to hire.  This does not, however, eliminate the need for help in many health care industry areas.  So, Traci has recently launched her exclusive “On-Demand Marketing Assistants™” program, that will allow these companies to be able to have staff on demand as needed, and to grow revenue without the payroll expense of traditional hiring. 

“Were very excited about this new program.  I am certain it is going to take a huge load off of mid-size companies who don’t feel they can absorb the cost of a full time Marketing Assistant, the benefits and the training and managing of this person. We are looking to partner with the right people and make a big difference strategically for our clients for the long-term,” said Traci Bild. 

This new program provides On-Demand Marketing Assistants™ to immediately help drive occupancy and revenue for Seniors Housing without the burden of extra payroll costs.  These marketing assistants act as your fully trained Marketing Assistant, intercepting valuable inquiry calls that would otherwise go to voicemail (or be handled by a receptionist, nurse, etc. that is not trained to handle these important calls,) make outbound sales calls to build your events, and conduct telephone customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, and family satisfaction surveys.  Traci’s program also provides assistants to contact your entire database and “clean it up,” as well as shop your communities or your competitors and provide you with both a written review and audio recording of each shop done.

By implementing this new program, Traci said “the corporate team could then focus on the things they need to take their company to the next level. Instead of micromanaging, they can get back to what they do best – leading.   A strong, collaborative effort is key to success with this program.”To learn more about this program, visit or email Traci directly at[email protected] Traci can also be reached at 813.390.3349.

About Traci Bild:

Traci Bild is the best selling author of “7 Steps to Successful Selling” and an expert in growing sales & providing top-level customer service within the health care industry.  Her company, Dynamic Performance, helps organizations drive revenue through a systematic process designed to acquire new clients in record time.  Her goal is to help people learn to work smart, not hard, while working less, yet making more than ever before.  For more information please visit


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