Safe & Secure Financial, Inc CEO Joshua Schlinsky Featured On Market Watch

Joshua Schlinsky was recently featured on Market Watch and other major online media outlets, including Morningstar, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and and many others.

Josh DNA Pic Light Blue TieHollywood, FL May 6, 2016 – A feature story about Joshua Schlinsky, the CEO of Safe & Secure Financial, was recently seen on Yahoo Finance as well as the other major online publications such as CNBC, MarketWatch, Reuters, AP, and many others.

Basing his multi-faceted practice upon educating clients and customizing strategies based on conservative, fixed income products, Joshua is fond of another expression that he heard some years ago: “The success of what you are currently doing is based upon the foundation which immediately precedes it.”

He is dedicated to helping clients have the freedom to live the lifestyle they desire as they enter and live their retirement years. As many found out during the financial crisis of 2008, the market can take away in one month what has taken them years to save! Schlinsky believes that twenty first century asset protection calls for more than just strategic asset allocation. In his view, diversifying retirement assets among a variety of vehicles – depending on his clients’ personal financial situation and needs – offers the best chance of meeting their retirement income goals.

“I help retirees and pre-retirees overcome the anxiety of retirement by providing security, consistency and predictability to their retirement income, regardless of what the stock market is doing,” he says.

Joshua was raised in South Florida and studied at the Theological College in Chicago. Upon returning to S. Florida, he found his “purpose” serving his community as a funeral director for 20 years“It was a career where I knew I was making a positive impact in people’s lives every day, at a time when they were in need.”

Although that career was one Joshua took a great deal of pride in, the time came to make a change. In 2001 he joined the prestigious firm of Bienenfeld, Lasek & Star and started his career in the financial field.

In 2012 Joshua opened his firm, Safe Secure Financial Inc. and over the years, has gained a comprehensive knowledge of developing strategies for Retirement Income Planning, Wealth Optimization and Preservation. He has used his knowledge to help retirees and pre-retirees plan for lifetime income and meet more of their financial goals. He has appeared on “NBC Nightly News” and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal as well as other publications regarding his opinion on financial matters and retirement strategies

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